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Are you looking for a good adaption of a Netflix game? We have 30 great movies for you, built on textbooks you can literally enjoy before you start streaming them to Netflix Instant. Not the first tries to turn a novel into a script were the most succesful. Ever since, the film makers have learnt to shorten the history to suit a characteristic film event.

All of the following 30 films, which are available on Netflix in the USA, have been taken from textbooks, whether novel or non-fiction. A number of them were either shortlisted or received Oscars for the best screenplay adaptation. However, all are succesful efforts to turn a loved one into something more visible.

These are the 30 best movies from Netflix books:

Best 25 underrated Straight-to-DVD movies

Tired of unintelligible ggi actions and more than two hours of running time? When you have replied "Yes" to one of the points above, I ask you to review the gloomy universe of direct visuals. Whilst home theatre direct to home theatre has been a permanent feature since the early VHS years, the emergence of the VHS in the early 2000s marked a new dawn for non-theatrical actions film.

They have become a paradise for old-school class actors-whether they're ancient characters (Jean-Claude Van Damme, Steven Seagal), a new breed (Scott Adkins, Michael Jai White) or wrestle players and MMA celebrities trying to interfere in the comedies. DTV has really become like the old grind house, the kind of stadium where Roger Corman has excelled, where profit has priority - if you can put blasts and Dolph Lundgren's face on the disc sleeve, it's not really important what the movie itself really is.

As in the grind houses of the 70's, this results in a great deal of slag, but also in some really marvelous one-of-a-kind movies from film makers who can't get a chance anywhere else and take the chance with both Hands, as well as the kind of strange and crazy "what did they think" movies that come from tight budget and awkward film-makers.

There are 25 DTV movies here that are well deserved to be found. It' s a sloppy, mad confusion, but it's also the kind of incredibly intriguing confusion you can only get from low-cost DTV actions movies. So where else can you see Steve Seagal, Vinnie Jones and Carla Connor from Coronation Street in the same movie?

It has a large sub, and both the name and the summary on the back of the case seem to indicate that it is a kind of Hunt For Red October derivate, but the sub itself is only in the movie for about 15 mins. The majority of the actions concern a brutal riot in Uruguay - an imprecise portrayal that has angered the Uruguayan education and culture division to such an extent that it has been considering law.

The DTV movies can be an earned flavor, and immersed might be earned the most by all, but I definitely relish it. This is a heavy rip-off in which Dolph Lundgren will play a percussionist who fights terrorist who take over the arena where his group is set. This may be because he was concerned with his juridical problems, but Wesley Snipes' direct videos were far less interesting than those of other pale actors.

But his first movie, which skips the theaters ( "clearly meant for a cinema release"), is a really sound high-concept-triller. In the same year as the Colin Farrell star ring Phone Booth, it was one of those Deep Impact Armageddon scenes in which two movies with the same premises happen to be very similar.

It' a loosely based attitude to the old Yojimbo/ A Fisttful Of Dollar scene, in which Cung Le arrives in a small city full of hoodlums and then continues to knock the shit out of everyone. It is as much of a romantic subterranean fight movie as you can think of, but it is starring WWE Hall Of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin, whose general sympathy makes it really something to see.

So, it's a movie in which Stone Cold Steve Austin has to get a new sweetheart for a ill little one. It' as greasy as hell - it reminded me of Stallone's heartwarming arms wrestle movie Over The Top - but somehow it works. It' s odd Austin's wrestle personality has always been that of a rude infernal man, but here he wears the movie, basically acting as a well-meaning man trying to prevent force and make up for his past atrocities.

This is the first of several performances on this shortlist by Midlands-born fighter Scott Adkins. He may have been seen in The Expendables 2 or Zero Dark Thirty, but he's begun with a lot of amazing DVDs that are blowing away most of the actions movies out there.

The Gringo is a rather crass copy of Robert Rodriguez's Mariachi/Desperado films. Adkin' s shoot and run instead of doing breathtaking flying thrills, but it's still very fast and thrilling and seldom slow ing down for a second. There' s also a Christian Slater Kameo, a side kick for Adkins and a title track for the kitschy Manowar heavymetal group.

Many of Steve Seagal's direct DVDs endeavors, with some remarkable exeptions, are weary, dull movies, filmed in gray East places, with confusing plots and many ADR. He made a name for himself with classic songs like the Chinese Ghost Story and Swordsman serial and managed to revive Seagal with a short period of bizarden.

It is much lighter than the typically dark DTV movie and for the first case introduces true psychic characters into a movie by Beethoven. It was the movie that first brought together the Scott Adkins crew and stage designer Isaac Florentine, who was in charge of some of the true pearls of the new gold era of DTV.

Featured are not the highlights of the un-disputed movies or Ninja 2, but it's still a cheerfully stupid romping about. OTT Patrickishness could be the best part of a string of film patriots Nu Image has made to celebrate different parts of the USilitary.

Adkins even ends up asking the rough head of the squad why they keep doing what they're doing, and the cameras just pan on an US banner on the walls and zoom in. Doing a few more interesting things that would not have accomodated their 80' and 90' boom period is one of the big charms of the latest harvest of direct home movie direct acting DVDs is that there really are a few ageing event celebrities.

Lundgren began to direct and also created a pleasant side job in stranger parts of film. Initially a karat champ who could (somehow) talk together, he has really become an interesting actress in the last ten years. While his best appearances later take place in JCVD and the installments of Universal Soldier, it is an important milestone in his evolution as an actress.

In the second episode of the Elijah Wood soccer heroine movie, Scott plays the leading part, and the show takes a rather left-wing but very amusing turn. The Scottish exiled arrives back in London when his twin brothers are murdered and finally takes over the West Ham hooligans.

Unfortunately, they are all out of form, so a large part of the movie is Adkins drags them through Rocky-style education assemblies. It looks great under the direction of James Nunn from Tower Block and has a great 80' Synthie sound, which is the best sound I've ever listened to in a DTV movie. This is not only the poorest movie on this shortlist, but probably one of the poorest movies you'll ever see.

Out For A Kill summarizes in many ways what great visuals can be. An Actionstar on the front page means that it doesn't care what's actually on the disk, it will move rip-offs to Tesco. As a Harvard teacher (?) who ends up in a China jail with a member of the So Solid crew, he plays.

After never really getting a lead because Hollywood doesn't really have the trust to let an Asian-American performer wear a movie, he went out and written and produce The Fifth Commandment as the lead car that no one would give him. Born in Bangkok, Yune is an employed assassin who ends up protecting a Rihanna-like popular celebrity from attackers in Bangkok.

In recent years, WWE Studios, the movie producing division of WWE Wrestling Entertainment, has developed into an important force in the DTV scene. The first time since Rowdy Roddy Piper has worked as an acting hero in They Liv, but WWE Studios have really stood out and realized that they' re all just plain fangoers want to see big muscular guys they recognize in them.

Contrary to The Asylum's faux-knowing, attention-seeking pranks, WWE studios more than anyone else feels like the sequel to Roger Corman's New World Pictures, the sleek, amazingly respectable movies that make a living. It' s gonna take a while to get started, but in the second half of the movie DiBiase goes at John McClane and turns him into The Hard in Paradise.

Besides, Michael Rooker is there, and everything is better with Michael Rooker. Steven Seagal's direct videowork generally gets more and more bad - a lot of dubbing, confusing plot and dark filming. There are vivid assassinations and Gooding is a sound leading part, but what really makes the movie really interesting is Dolph Lugren's play.

He' playing a rivalling hit man who has to do with Gooding, and he' tailing around in a horrible movie combination of Federa and Howaiian shirts and stealing people' s thieves. He has always been a big, stoical, one-syllable guy, but he's really good at being a comedian, and the stranger end of the DTV bubble has really given him a show.

One more WWE Studios release, and again a continuation of a movie with John Cena, this year headed by the villain Randy Orton. Though the setup is much smaller this year - probably because of the money - this makes the movie a little more earthy and persona.

It' s flying by at a great speed, and Orton (who is supposed to be a spoilt little kid in reality ) is a good actions man, and there is a big sand-based deathtrap. After all, the title and cover of their movies are almost always much more amusing than the movies.

However, the runaway is the box office of the Robert Downey Jr/Jude Law Sherlock Holmes studios. This second installment of the Wesley Snipes/Ving Rhames jailbox ( "Part 2") follows what has become the default theme of the show and features the villain from the last one.

The fractured Soviet jailbird Boyka (Scott Adkins) is taken out of his present-day guilag and is largely in the World Championship of naked-knee fight. Okay, it's a completely ridiculous set-up that doesn't lack the same pathology as the last movie. Actually, and actually though, it's just a setting for Adkins to have a whole host of other contenders to take on, all beautifully and clearly, without administration or CGI, by principal Isaac Florentine.

First and foremost, it is the Anglophone début of Mark Zaror, a bright Chilean fighter who made a name for himself in movies like Mirageman and Kiltro and was also the best of last year's Machete Kills. When Dolph Lundgren and Jean-Claude Van Damme met for a direct follow-up to Universal Soldier in 2009, it seemed like a gruesome one.

" However, somehow Universal Soldier Regeneration became a test in the gold era of DTV-flicks. In the theatrical follow-up to Universal Soldier The Return, John Hyams ignores the movie and begins with a smack. The next step is a slender, violent movie in which Van Damme is turned back into a beast to take on Dolph Lundgren and Andrei' The Pit Bull' Arlovski, a famous Russians MMA celebrity, in the middle of the Chernobyl wreck.

Its mechanics are essentially Dolph Lundgren makes Commando or Taken and is as much enjoyable as it is. The peculiarities of these two movies are missing, but it has the slender, evil side of the greatest vengeance movies like Déath Wish or Point Blank. Obviously Lundgren is great as an irresistible tough ass, and there are a bunch of shootouts and thrilling, non-CGI actions.

Jailhouse box office movie with Ving Rhames and Wesley Snipes? Great Michael Jai White is playing Ving Rhames' personality, a dishonored fighter who was supposed to be Mike Tyson. Dismissed from jail, White has forfeited his fortune and only shoots whisky commercials in Moscow (it's essentially los in translate with more kicks).

Then he is set up for drugs and put in a Soviet jail - which turns out to be a clever plan by the jail director to get White to participate in his profitable bare-knee combat ring and fight his unbeaten champ, performed by Scott Adkins.

It' a brilliant stupid high tech that only allows a lot of White and Adkins shots at each other with crazy kick. It' a plain, violent version of the default box office movie and it' s incredibly fun. Scott Adkins' DTV dreamer Isaac Florentine has joined forces for what I think is last year's best film.

Continuing the story of a former DTV actor, who both Adkins and Florentine admit they're frustrated, Adkins hardly recognizes their forerunner and instead begins with Adkins as the evil knowsinja, who has established himself in a yoo. He has to go to Myanmar to get even.

It' a straightforward, disassembled plan of vengeance that in many ways seems like an old Cannon movie (Sho Kasugi's kid Kane has a big part), and similar to The Raid, he uses a very easy kit to connect the most unbelievable fight art screens and sets.

Of course, Adkins is violent and disastrous in every situation. It' such a great, sophisticated way to show the actor's talents that there's not really much to say about it except it's unbelievable, and if you really enjoy acting, you really owed it to yourself.

He also shows the psycho-cop of Only God Forgives and has a sequence in which Adkins decapitated a gobra with a samurais-saber. Following the hit of Universal Soldier Regeneration, John Hyam was given a free hand in the second episode of DTV and made one of the most original movies of the twenty-first cent.

The starring Scott and Lundgren are now at the head of a UniSol worship that he is trying to overthrow. An overwhelming, sometimes surficial sci-fi thriller with a grandiose first-person opening scene in which JCVD murders JCVD Lundgren Adkin' s whole familiy in front of him, an insanely confused Dolph Lundgren causing headaches, enter the void-style freaks, Scott Adkins' sclones and a really awesome fight at a gym that ends with him beheading a big buster with a ball-head.

Michael Jai White is not a super star, one of the great inequities of the game. In Spawn, the first dark performer to act as a great super hero blew his carreer away after this movie hadn't lit the whole wide open sky. Playing the villain in later Steven Segal and Van Damme movies, he had a great fighting sequence in Kill Bill Vol 2 on the editing room floors and made an unforgettable camera in The Dark Knight.

Playing an underworld fight movie with Michael Jai White in the lead, who makes hell for folks, should be easy enough. He is so chilly looking that he has the scam of young Bruce Lee or even Mel Gibson around him. Toss a shot at remarkable MMA combatants and wrestle players - among them Gina Carano, YouTube St. Browler Kimbo Slice and The Wrestler's Ernest'The Cat' Miller - and just watch White destroy the guys for 90 mins would be easy enough.

But what makes the movie so great is that it has one of the most subtle and interesting villains I've ever seen in a pure generic movie. Eamon Walker, a native of Islington, is playing the Top Street Walking promo man who murdered Michael Jai White's buddy and wants to take vengeance on him.

He seems to be the big villain White will kill in the last part. Halfway through the movie, White Walkers defeated Champion - an achievement you'd ultimately want him to perform if he followed the default combat tournaments pattern. It' a massive achievement by Walker - a UK based dark performer who, like Idris Elba, had to move into US TV to get his big breakthrough (in HBO jail play Oz).

He is asked why he wants to be hanging around with a bunch of "musty old knows " - Walker answers that it is the same cause why he is doing this, the force and the link. So, yes, it is a much more interesting movie than you might think, and a great example of the unexplored gemstones that are on the DTV markets.

Also, it was Michael Jai White who destroyed Kimbo Slice in a jail fight in the beginning.

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