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Burmese Funny Movies 2016

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Getting to Mandalay (2016)

Who liked that, also liked..... There' s a taxi chauffeur who's a Mexican narcotics trafficker. A homecomer and a motorcyclist turn to Crystal Meth in the Burmese-Chinese frontier to get away from oppressive hardship and mourning. This is the tale of an aspiring reporter eager to follow a long-forgotten mishap.

As the only one who survived the crash vanishes abruptly, he realises that nothing is what it seems, and the unthinkable obscure reality will persecute him for the remainder of his Iife. It follows Chen Mo, the bartender and'ferryman', as he gradually faces his own trauma as he helps the folks around him, as well as his fellow vocalist Ma Li, Guan Chun and his neighbour Xiao Yu.

Covert, sorrowful romance between two Myanmar young men had trouble in their lifelong companionship after being wed. When they sneak into Thailand, Guo and Linqing get together. While Guo works in a suburban fabric plant, Guo finds a dishwashing contract in a local restaurants.

Lianqing really enjoys Guo, but Lianqing only concentrates on getting the Thai ID. They' re two humans with conflicting identities, but they seem to be tied to doom. If Lianqing gets her ID in her hands, her romance is lost.

Best of Kollywood in 2016

Suttru: Sudha Kongara brings a foreseeable sport history (Ritika Singh is wonderful) with new, funny, living scenes. This is a wonderful old-fashioned heartwarmer. The Vetri Maaran play about how the system plays with us is strong and unshakable, and it doesn't take an Oscar to confirm its grandeur.

Sohtupathi: A Routinefilm, but with a "sariyaana psycho" in the center. Amidst the heroes against villian comedies, SU Arun Kumar's movie is also a chronicles of a man and a dad dealing with a very perilous work. There is very little really new in Vasanthamani's country play, but the script is sound, and the character is so well worked out that even the smaller parts have well-curved bows.

24: Suriya gets his moon back in Vikram Kumar's costly timetravel adventure. Vijay Kumar's dark (and freshly adult) little movie about four colleagues who collide with the subordinates of a local politics group. One of Subbaraj's Karthik's films, which comes together better in the mind than in the mind, but one which becomes more profound the more one thinks about it (and the more one sees it).

An invigorating "feminist" movie, seen with male view. Nelson Venkatesan's three-pair play is the rarest Tamil movie that presents people' s relations as necessary but complex. It' a little movie with a big-hearted character. Raju Murugan's previous movie, the reworked cuckoo, did not matter to me, but his successor is a beaut, with a marvelous romantic in the center.

Manikandan drama says that crime leads to punishment, but without the moral shaking we are used to from Tamil cinemas. The best movie of the year, a desperate drama about an honorable man whose bad circumstances drive him to insincerity. A conversation about something that says something - it is the intangible Holy Grail that Tamil moviemakers hunt over and over again.

The texturized play by Lakshmy Ramakrishnan is a portrayal of those who are not necessarily evil. Durai Senthilkumar's RS is the kind of "commercial film" that we want more from our celebrities. Co 2, because it's a smoother version of the masculine vigilant movies we usually get. Marudhu, for Velraj's wonderful sunburned pictures.

VELAINU VELLCAARAN Vanthutta, for Robo Shankar's show-stopping, laugh-till-you-cry show of the year. Akham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada, for an interesting interpretation of the "structure" of a film.

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