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Burma Funny Movies 1 Video

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22 September to 1 October - European Film Festival in Myanmar

For the first get-together, the European Film Festival was organised in 1991 by a small group of Yangon foreign missions. Built as an offshoot of state public relations under the army regime, it served as a gateway to the outside worlds. Today, after 26 years, the European Film Festival has not ceased to enjoy its unique character.

Instead of offering an alternatives to the very restricted and rigged cinemas of the past, the goal is now to counterbalance the common Hollywood and Bollywood Hollywood movies with more interesting films in Myanmar. Andzej Wajda's last movie is about the history of the artist and teacher Wladyslaw Strzeminski.

Coincidentally, he meets the excentric but generously proportioned Finish caterer Wikström, who is taking Khaled under his wings. All of a sudden Tschick arrives with a purloined lada and together they set off on an adventure journey. After the journey through the East Germany provinces, the film recounts a tale of first loves, the unlikely fellowship and the stunning challenges of adolescence.

Julián decides to stay outside the beds of the hospitals for his last few month while he faces the assurance of premature deaths. Tomás has to respect the choice of his own life and follows Julián as he leaves his family. Julián's only job in this part of the globe is to find a home for his most private companion, the gentle dog Truman.

That is the funny and sometimes even adventure-filled tale of an extraordinary relationship. After he learnt that Pope John Paul II was going to Belgium, he convinced his whole household one last visit to help him and planned to re-open the old Café Derby. This is a tragicomical tale of a happy but slightly disturbed familiy on the basis of actual occurrences.

Emil is confronted with the injustice and danger of the adult population on his first trip to the big metropolis of Berlin alone. Fortunately, he soon finds many good acquaintances and together the young investigators show that even the youngest of us have what it took to become the hero.

They make new friends and together they begin to explore for the first the beauty and adventure they can be - and begin to understand the real significance of fellowship and ardor.

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