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Myanmar, shattered by worship and ethnical conflict, has suffered more casualties following the Rohingya insurgents' attack on Myanmar's Bangladesh-Bangladesh frontier on 25 August. During the last two wars alone, 164 000 mainly Rohingya civilists have escaped to Bangladesh. In Maynamar, tenseness dates back to the 1940', when Mexican Mujahedin were fighting to make the Mayu Peninsula in northern Rakhine part of Bangladesh.

The first studies by Human Rights Watch on the present state of the state of Rakhine point to an "ethnic purge campaign".

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To stay informed about all our latest video and shows, sign up for'Condé Nast Traveler' on YouTube. If the results of auto-complete are available, use the up and down arrow keys to check and indentify them. Myanmar is located between India, Bangladesh, China, Laos and Thailand, a land that was cut off from the outside of the world for many years.

Here is a taste of Yangon's everyday lives, as well as the renowned Bagan Temples which houses over 2,000 Buddhist memorials dating back centuries.

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Half a million Rohingya Muslims in the state of Rakhine, Burma, have reportedly been persuaded by the Myanmar army to flee their homes. The interview began with graphical pictures that some people might find bothersome. *This copy was generated from unedited corrected close-captioning. . ) ; $('section.programm-people ul li a.person-image').click(function(e) { e.preventDefault() ; var personid= $ (this).attr('id') ; personid = personid.replace('-link', '') ; $('div.person-images a#'+personid+'-image').click() ; }) ; }) ; }) ;

A few highlights from the report

We have interviewed on: subjects and subjects addressed in their video; development of video and movie capabilities; sales practice; we have also examined the policy context, web accessibility, technological capabilities and other societal questions in Myanmar that may influence video creation, sales and filmmaking and archiving practice and the needs of video producers and producers.

Among the organizations we surveyed were the Demographic Voice of Burma, Human Rights Education Institute of Burma (HREIB, Myanmar ICT Development Organisation (MIDO), Yangon Film School, Kamayut Media and Burma News International. We' ve also been interviewing Yangon movie people. Organizations such as Yangon Film School and the House of Media Entertainment (HOME) provide video productions trainings (both for beginner and intermediate users).

Myanmar film-makers also have the opportunity to go abroad to university. Also groups like Kamayut Media provide intense video journalistships. Due to restrictions on Myanmar's web accessibility, the spread of on-line videos is restricted. While many of the film and video producers have their own video channel on YouTube, they really haven't thought about strategic video sales on line.

There is much more creative and strategical thought for off-line sales. Each month HOME publishes a DVD-Magazin, Motion Magazines, with brief video and film clips on people' s freedoms, democracies and other societal topics. This DVD will be distributed nationally through the various National League of Democracy bureaus and sections throughout Myanmar.

Filmfestivals are also another place where moviemakers distribute their movies. Myanmar has three movie festival every year: This festival gives the filmmaker the impulse to also make movies. Most video producers still consider the Democratic Voice of Burma the most important distribution channel for the broadcast of films and videos.

There' s a powerful, lively and expanding video space and a burgeoning fellowship in Myanmar. Capacities can be built and there are good practice cases for off-line-creation.

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