Myanmar full Photo

Burma full photo

Meanwhile, enjoy these photos from our trip there and start dreaming! Myanmar markets are full of interesting scenes - especially for a photographer! When the workshop is full and you would like to be added to the waiting list, click HERE. Myanmar Skyline with Shwedagon Pagoda. Alamy Stock Photo / Sean Pavone.

Myanmar Tribal Photo Tour & Workshop

After your flight to Yangon you will be picked up at the international airports and brought to your accommodation. Accommodation in Yangon. We' ll leave Yangon for Sittwe in the day. There, we take pictures of the city's convents, the main square and the busy metallurgical industry. Later we will be enjoying our photo of the sundown.

Accommodation in Sittwe. Sittwe, we will be shooting at the lively fishmarket in the early mornings. We drive by road to the pier after our breakfasts in the hotels and take a personal skipper for a tour of the old capitol Mrauk-U. When we get there on time, we make our way to a mountain top, where we usually take astonishing photos of the sundown.

Accommodation in Mrauk-U. In Mrauk-U this mornings we will take a foggy photo of the foggy sundown. At the end of our breakfasts we will take pictures of the old market and the most picturesque temple around Mrauk-U. There will be a sundown shooting of different locations with ladies collecting bottled waters in striking pottery in Bangladesh fashion.

Accommodation in Mrauk-U. We' ll be spending the whole days taking pictures of these disappearing Tibetan woman tattoos in different towns along the rivers. Accommodation in Mrauk-U. Today we take an early bird's eye view from Mrauk-U to Sittwe. After lunch we head to Yangon, where we have enough free space to take pictures of the icons of the Shwedagon pit before sundown, through the unbelievable, but ephemeral, dusk blues.

Accommodation in Yangon. Five hrs by bus takes us to Loikaw. Then on the way from the airfield, we can fire on the way. Later in the afternoons we arrive in Loikaw. Accommodation in Loikaw. We are exploring and photographing the town Panpet Padaung Long Neck in the Dee Maw So township, which is about 2 hrs from Loikaw.

Accommodation in Loikaw. In the morning you can take pictures at the Loikaw and Taungkwe Zedi markets. After that we take the bus to Hpe Hkon, then by ferry to Lake Inle. Along the way we will see Sagar and fire at the ruins of the old Shand Empire.

Accommodation in Inle See. We' ve set up a shooting of Inle's renowned rowing legs from the hotelcover. We will then take pictures on and around the pond for a whole period. Filming ends with a sundown photograph of fishers on the sea. Accommodation in Inle See. We will spend half a full working days in various 5-day market locations before leaving Inle Lake.

We then take a ferry to Nyaungshwew, where we take the bus to Heho International Heho International Park. The activity this mornin' depends on the flying times from Heho to Keng Tung. Around midday we head to Keng Tung to discover and photograph the many Wats (monasteries) of the city. Accommodation in Keng Tung.

Tonight we discover Pintau and fire at various tribal communities, as well as the rarely seen Silver Palaung. Accommodation in Keng Tung. Coming from Keng Tung we head north-east to the Chinese frontier and discover Wennyut Loi nave and a centuries-old cloister. We' ll also have the opportunity to discover the Khun Shan ethnical communities along the way.

Accommodation in Keng Tung. We' re going to Yangon in the afternoons. Accommodation in Yangon. You will be taken to Yangon International where you will depart from Myanmar.

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