Myanmar full new Movies 2015

Burma Full New Movies 2015

Burma New Movie 2015 (The Last in Eight). To all our Myanmar friends in Singapore. All of them are the remains of a police state in Myanmar that has not yet been completely dismantled. This is almost half of Myanmar's GDP, but hardly any of the money reaches ordinary people or the treasury. This series is supported by the Taipei Cultural Center of TECO (Taipei Economic and Cultural Office) in New York.

Myanmar Homecoming: Retrospective A Midi?Z ("Film Series")

Midi Z, a Myanmar native and Taiwan-based emerging star in the world of film, has created an unmistakable genre for his private and authentical portrait of those living on the fringes of Myanmar's population. Usually filmed in Myanmar guerilla fashion, without government approval, the movies also show strict formality through meticulous storytelling and camera work.

Z (*1982) was bursed a grant to go to high schools in Taiwan at the tender ages of 16. To meet all his needs, Z worked as a building technician, cook, illustrator, photographic artist and business manager. He graduated in Paloma Blanca (2006) and was chosen and presented by renowned movie festival like the Pusan International and Copenhagen movie festival.

He was chosen to take part in the Taipei Golden Horse Film Academy in 2009 under the direction of author Hou Hsiou-Hsien. Z's first film Return to Burma (2011) has been nomination for prizes at the Rotterdam International Film Festival and the Pusan International Film Festival. Afterwards he received a Hubert Bals Fund for his second film Poor Folk (2012).

Had these two early films drawn our eye to the emergent role of B, his third fiction movie, Ice Poion (2014), would have made him a ripe, filmmaking vocalist with a singular worldview. It was first shown at the Berlin International Filmfestival, won the Best Picture at the Edinburgh Filmfestival and was awarded the Best Direction Prize at the Taipei-Filmfest.

In Taiwan, the movie is praised as one of the best movies of the last years. The Taipei Cultural Center of the TECO (Taipei Economic and Cultural Office) in New York supports this group. Twenty-one, 2014. Sanmei, a Chinese girl who came back to Lashio in the north of Myanmar to burry her grandsi.

Few people in this part of Myanmar are unaffected by the profitable and threatening drugs trafficking. Midi-z. 2011. Burma is holding its first general elections in two decade-long periods. Myanmar's many Myanmar residents are returning home in expectation of tranquillity and wellbeing. The film' s directing d├ębut, Re-entry to Burma, symbolises the filmmaker's own home in 2008, ten years after moving to Taiwan, to follow an apprenticeship and upbringing.

Palace by the Sea Midi Z. 2014. Myanmar costume lady makes a ghostlike performance and is dancing with the past. It is an interesting complement to the Midi Z movies, which stick to the real world. Midi-z. 2012. The two Myanmar-based A-hong and San-mei are living a life in tandem through the city of Bangkok and the isolated frontier city of Dagudi.

The movie is based on a real tale that the director learned a few years ago on his journey across the Myanmar-Thai frontier. Poor Folk depicts a shocking realm of expelled immigrants, people smugglers, drug smugglers and street husbands who are all fighting for survival. The curator of this movie is La Frances Hui. The Taipei Cultural Center of the TECO (Taipei Economic and Cultural Office) in New York supports this group.

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