Myanmar full new Movie

Burma full of new film

Please read the privacy policy here in its entirety. Many Rohingya refugees are believed to be able to return to Myanmar. ""I like Myanmar movies, but not all. The essence of Hollywood movies. that Harvey Weinstein gets new charges, could go to prison for life.

They call it Myanmar," by Robert H. Lieberman

"They call it Myanmar" unveils a long concealed face: that of Myanmar, also known as Burma, now emerges from the isolations of an authoritarian army regim. This film discusses the story of the land, includes its rule by the Britons and Japan, its sovereignty in 1948 and its case to a 1962 war putsch.

The book sketches the Buddhist commandments that support most of its humans. It is about the non-violent protest that Buddhist friars made in 2007 in Yangon, a big town. The most important thing is that the movie speaks to ordinary citizens: in the streets, in a restaurants, in a temple and in a touristic place. An ever-recurring, convincing appearance in the movie, she is eloquent in her commentary on the past and present of the state.

Your intellect and your honesty augur well for Myanmar's fate.

Cinema from Myanmar in pictures

There are new films about Myanmar and Yangon movie fairs are organized. Catherine Deneuve expects the première of a Thai-Myanmar block bus "From Bangkok to Mandalay" at the Memory Movie Festiv. So is this the right moment to be inviting more moviemakers to Myanmar for the first a year?

YANGON, November 1, 2016 - Masses of people assembled in front of the auditorium to take a look at the celebrated Myanmar and Thai stars who visited the première of the dramatic movie From Bangkok to Mandalay in Yangon on Thursday, October 27, 2016. This Thai-Myanmar souvenir book chronicles a history of romanticism and nicely depicts Myanmar's tourist attractions such as Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, Maymyo and Hsipaw.

Leading characters are Myanmar VIPs such as Wutt Hmon Shwe Yi, Sai Sai Kham Leng and the Thai actor Nan Whan. Myanmar Tourism Marketing Director, Ms. May Myat Mon Win, attended the opening night and said: "I have never noticed that Myanmar could be so lovely, with a feeling of tranquillity that we are always looking for.

Burmese should be really proud of their nation. One more film buff added that he is "very pleased and proud that Myanmar has at last made a monster film in Myanmar and is hoping that others will follow". In the past few films have been made about Myanmar, most of them outside the state.

Several of Myanmar's celebrated works include The Lady (2011), Beyond Rangoon (1995) and Rambos (2008). Burma Tourism Marketing is hoping that more movie makers will select Myanmar as their chosen venue as it provides the nation with an outstanding chance to be in the limelight. "Burma has great venues for TV programming, documentary and fiction," says Edwin Briels, member of the Head of Myanmar Tourism Marketing PR and Digital Marketing Committee.

Burma Tourism Marketing is ready to help any Myanmar based company prepare for the shooting and liaise with the right individuals to obtain all necessary permissions and choose the most appropriate and experienced film-fixing partners among our members". In Yangon, too, there are more and more movie festival in the town.

From November 4 to 13, 2016, the Yangon, Myanmar, will host the 60 or so classic films from around the globe in the company of foreigners. It is the only truly Asian global show devoted to Asian filmmaking and the biggest movie theatre show in Myanmar.

It will be a great opportunity for the 2016 Edition to welcome an excellent group of distinguished Myanmar and foreign visitors: These are Catherine Deneuve, actress (France), Daw Grace Swe Zin Htaik, actress (Myanmar) and Pascale Ferran, director (France) and many others. One of Myanmar Classics' 1934 milestones, Mya Ga Naing, will be performed for the first time in Myanmar on November 4.

Myanmar's oldest still existing movie has been conserved today and can be divided with the public again. There are other annual Yangon movie festivals: If you have any inquiries or inquiries about this press release or upcoming press tours or TV and movie offers in Myanmar, please contact us:

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