Myanmar full name

Burma full name

Its official full name is "Republic of the Union of Myanmar" (?????

?????????????? ???????????????????, Pyidaunzu Thanm?da My?ma Nainngandaw, pronounced[pjìdà??z? ?à?m?da? ?à?m?da? mj?mà nà???à?d?? nà???à?d??]). Instead, countries that do not officially recognize this name use the long form "Union of Burma". Complete name (fill in block letters). ((First Name) (Middle Name) (Last Name). I am planning a trip to Myanmar three months later, can I apply now?

In the E-Visa app, how do I type "full name"?

But I was over this as well and everyone on the forums here explained to me that I was fine (first, mid, last) having my US-Pass last name on top line followed by first then center, but at the bottom of my pass with all the characters and numbers, it indicates LAST FIRST MIDDLE. Sure.

Since I didn't want any possible issues, I sent an email with my questions to them and they said as long as the name was correct, I'm well. It' actually a bit of a confusion because the program will instruct you to enter your name exactly as it will appear on the pass.

Father's name in Myanmar Visa Information Request Sheet - Myanmar Forum

Hello, I'll make a journey to Myanmar and take care of the Myanmar visa. On my return, when I got the visa information sheet, I learned that I had to enter my father's name. Can I fill in the following forms?

In Myanmar I know that the name of the person is given after the date of their birth (Monday, Tuesday....). Like you said, I still don't know what to do, because my mom has a signature name for a dee. Use the right eva request sheet as it does NOT need the name of the father.

We don't have a last name or name. I' m always having problems completing the last name in any way I have to fill out abroad. I' ll just enter my last name as last name or first name. So, don't take it so seriously to put down your father's name. I have not applied for a visa from evaz!

Recently I got my eVisa authorization from the Myanmar administration issuer (e-mail as described above in the ss mail) and it was a remarkable easy to do. It was not my duty to state my father's name and to continue to believe that the only way to apply for a proper entry permit was now through this well.

Has your request been submitted to a private managed visas agent? You may want to resubmit your request to the issuance department. It was Cornelius, my father's name, but that's something I don't often use. It' correct that my request was made by a tourist agent, because I buy their trip now...).

You will NOT be able to get you a VISA!

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