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This is where most of the atrocities committed by the Myanmar military took place. Canangon Portable and storage company for all your local and long distance movement/movements. You will find all the answers in our complete relocation guide for expatriates moving to Myanmar's capital. How does it feel to move to a country that has been virtually closed to the world for half a century? Out of Bagan we visit the vast mixed forests that surround Mt Victoria, Myanmar's most important national park, where we will spend four full days.

"Nya " by Htoo Paul Zaw Oo - a must!

An excellently performed suspenseiller breaking the code of Burma's movies. Myanmar's best practice is quite simple: the more popular a feature is, the higher its chance of winning. It is said that the public comes for the actor, not necessarily for the soundtrack. The director Htoo Aing Zaw Oo's Nya with his young acting talent has broke this rules.

It was presented to the regional media on 16 July and shown again to prominent people, blogs and opinion leaders on 28 July. The Burmesian word for'night', Nya is an award-winning psychothriller, a kind of mystery that is seldom researched in the Myanmar cinema world. Both groups get together in one evening, and exactly this evening, or Nya, becomes the scenery of the soundtrack.

The director Htoo captures the public with his flash-backs and twists. The Htoo leaps from one group of teenagers to another and keeps the crowd vigilant and on the go. The film is made to perfection from a technical point of view. Using deep, unnatural lighting produces a deep and disturbing ambience - which is uncommon, as most of Burma's films are filmed in unrealistic, high-intensity lighting.

By the way, in Myanmar, music and soundeffects are perfect and tuned - how often have we seen films with totally different soundtracks: absurd loud or silent sequences. In spite of its plot, Nya is a realist film. She tries to catch the everyday ambience with its shortcomings - something out of the ordinary for Burma's cinemas, which usually try to imitate pictures of the idyll of the world.

However, a feminine figure turns out to be the most complicated of the 10 - also here a rather uncommon decision for Burma movies, which are rather male-dominated. Subtle Htoo describes the influence of this trauma on her by altering her dress and room decor. Hiso understands: Show, don't tell.

Each of the 10 cast members was chosen from a group of 300 contestants. Refreshingly, Htoo also prevents the common stereotypes and insults against those who are either obese or obese. Htoo needed three years of work to create the story, design and produce the filming. It is being made by Good Old Days Production and cameraman Ko Thaid Dhi, one of the founder of the Wathann Festival, the renowned Burma Filmfestival.

When Nya was cheered on, her ending caused amazement among the crowd.

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