Myanmar full Moon Festival 2015

The Myanmar Full Moon Festival 2015

Celebrating the end of the rain, the fireworks festival often rains down on cheering crowds. When: Full moon day of Waso (31 July 2015). Fri, 31 July 2015, full moon day of Waso (beginning of Buddhist Lent), holiday. Thadingyut Festival of Lights will mark the end of Lent throughout Germany. Burmese festivals take place all year round and most of them are related to Buddhism.

Myanmar's glittering and perilous Festival of Light | Myanmar

High up on the Shan River plain - a land of uprising and ethnically diverse, in the land that is the world's second biggest manufacturer of ophium - the skies explode in a galaxy of hand-made firecrackers as they are attached to the bottom of hand-made metal hot-air baloons.

This year' s Tazaungdaing Festival of Lights draws ten thousand visitors from all over Myanmar to the "wild western" city of Taunggyi and takes place every year at the end of the wet seasons when the moon is full. Heavenwards, from 25 to 30 feet (7.6 to 9 meters) high firework ballons and cradles attached to the base are taken off for one of the most gorgeous and perilous festivities in Southeast Asia.

Explosively loaded hot-air baloons fall into the festival area on a regular basis and cause anxiety as literally thousands of spectators run for their life. In the past year, four persons were killed, twelve others were wounded. We collected $3,000 from our communities for two balloons," said 35-year-old Inle Lake ballon maker Zaw Myo Aung of Shan Stat, whose ballon contains almost 32 kg of dynamite and took two month to construct.

It' the best part of our life and we like it," Aung said. Besides these solid ornament baloons there are also parts of the Festival of Light, which make it one of the most unique happenings in the area. For example, giant human-driven tires, strange funfair plays and horrible beastshows.

15 hot air balloons made it to the finals.

Burmese incidents

This is an inside tour of the best festival and event in Burma, such as the Irrawaddy Literary Festival, the Taunggyi Hot Air Balloon Festival and where you can party Naga New Year. From Gill Charlton, the Burma specialist at Telegraph Travel. Celebrations are held regularly around every full moon in cities and communities throughout Burma, often associated with couples and cloisters.

To see a full listing of other British-Burma Society pagodas, please go to The festival's sponsor, Aung San Suu Kyi, is supported this year by writers from Burma and the West such as Joan Bakewell, Martha Kearney and Jung Chang. 13-17 AprilFive-day New Year' s Day is celebrated in Myanmar on 17 April.

It' basically a fiesta of religion for men to purify themselves from their sins, but for the boys it is the opportunity to experience an enormous war. The majority of cities have stands and open-air shows; the streets are full of lamps and candlelight. The full moon is October 27th.

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