Myanmar full Moon Festival

The Myanmar Full Moon Festival

The full moon day of Kasong is a national holiday in Myanmar. What: The Waso Full Moon Festival marks the beginning of Buddhist Lent, which coincides with Myanmar's rainy season. Yes, I would like to plan my trip to Bagan at the same time as the Ananda Festival. One of the most festive months in Myanmar is November, when a variety of colourful festivals with a series of religious rituals take place. This is our guide to the best Burmese festivals:

Kasong Full Moon Day 2019 and 2020

Kasong Full Moon Sunday is a nationwide celebration in Myanmar. He is also called "Buddha Day" because he remembers Buddha's birthday, illumination and Nirwana (death), all of which are said to have taken place on the same date of the year. The most popular Myanmar vacation today:

The full moon day of Kasong takes place in the second months of the Buddhist calender, which usually equals the April or May of the Bregorian calender. It is the drought period in Myanmar when the waters are at their low point, and it is also the period of the year when the day is longest and the night is swift.

On the full moon of Kasong, the great festival is the solemn irrigation of the "Holy Budhi Tree". As Buddha is said to have reached illumination under a body plant and because it is the warm, arid summers, pouring has a particular meaning. In Myanmar, many will make a trip to the holy holiness of the Budhi trees on his side of the river to irrigate it that year.

In addition, many in Myanmar will do good works, do meditation, give frankincense sacrifices or offer for Buddha-ideols and otherwise strive for merits on the full moon day of Kasong.

Tabaung Full Moon Day 2019 and 2020

The full moon day of Tabaung in Myanmar is a buddhistic feast that falls on the full moon of the third months of the Myanmar calender. The most popular Myanmar vacation today: Tabaung is a period of celebrations, colorful arts activities and Buddhism in Myanmar. The full moon day of Tabaung, also known as " Magha Puja ", is the highpoint.

It is a period when Buddhists go to the temples and do "merits" and it is also the period of the Shwedagon Pagoda Festival, the largest of the year in all of Myanmar. In the beginning of this feast 28 different Buddha charters are solemnly offered.

Then there will be lectures of various Buddhist writings for 10 whole-day. Smaller, similar pagodas festivities are organized throughout the whole land, among them the Shwe Settaw pagodas festival and the Alaungdaw Kathapa pagodas festival. There are also specific ceremonies to remember the birthday of King Suriyachanda, a distinct celebration named "Pa-O National Day", which falls on the same date as the full moon day of Tabaung.

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