Myanmar full Moon Day

Burma Full Moon Day

Sun & Moon Moon Moon phases Yangon. Full moon day during the Tazaungdaing celebration in Myanmar, the "Festival of Lights", is called Tazaungmone Day. It' a holiday in Myanmar that comes at the end of the rainy season but is different where it ends up in the western calendar. The traditional Burmese festivals are based on the traditional Burmese calendar and the dates are largely determined by the moon phase. Kason Full Moon Day is an important day for Buddhism.

Lunar Phases 2018 - Lunar Calender for Yangon, Myanmar

Lunar phases for Yangon, 6 ? 2018 ?. - 28 ? ??? in 2018 ?. ???:, 9:, 17:, 25:, 31: ???:, 16:, 23: ???:, 9:, 17:, 24:, 31: ???:, 16:, 23:, 30: ???:, 15:, 22:, 29: ???:, 14:, 20:, 28: ???: 13:, 20:, 28: ???:, 11:, 18:, 26: ???:, 10:, 17:, 25: ???:, 9:, 17:, 24:, 31: ???:, 15:, 23:, 30: ???:, 15:, 23:, 29: Do you need help?

Tazaungmone Full Moon Day 2018 and 2019 - Myanmar

Full moon day during the Tazaungdaing celebrations in Myanmar, the "Festival of Lights", is the day of Tazaungmone. It' a Myanmar feast that comes at the end of the wet but is different where it ends up in the west calender. The most popular Myanmar vacation today:

New vestments for Buddhistic friars on Tazaungmone. They are often given these garments as sacrifices of the nation. There are also some who give funds to the friars, and the funds are displayed for all to see on wood-carved "trees". A competition is taking place on Tazaungmone to see which group of Weaver can finish a whole garment before mornings.

Perhaps the most beloved and certainly the most colorful festival is the Taunggyi ballooning even. A lot of people come and many local people come on pilgrimage. After all, on this day many local people make a "bitter mezali broth salad" and divide it with their families and acquaintances because they believe that eating it prevents the development of all kinds of illness.

Pyatho Full Moon Day - Myanmar Forum

To you Myanmar expert, what day in January 2011 is the full moon day of Pyatho? 19 January Have you got a particular event in your head? Yes, I would like to plan my journey to Bagan at the same date as the Ananda Festi. Is" Pyatho" January? Well, if so, then the full moon drops to the twentieth in Thailand, which I suppose also applies to Myanmar.

Ananda begins on the fifth and continues for 15 nights, the full moon day would of course be the liveliest, but on other occasions it is still very much alive. The name Pyatho is the name of Burma for the tenth months of its moon calender, although it is January, it actually comes in the second half of December & the early half of January.

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