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There is a wide range of products, goods and services to fulfill the dream of personal freedom. ("IATA: MDL") is the second of only two international airports in Myanmar. I discovered my grandfather's old house five years ago at the end of a dusty and perforated road in the middle of Yangon, Myanmar.

Myanmar's army, known as the Tatmadaw, has also reportedly deployed massive weapons and bombings in the area.

Myanmar's army, known as the Tatmadaw, has also reportedly deployed massive weapons and bombings in the area. Furthermore, at least 7,400 persons have been internally displaced in Kachin since the beginning of April, in excess of the 100,000 already internally displaced. 3,000 refugees have been internally displaced since then. "We call on all sides to show caution and full compliance with fundamental freedoms and the rule of public humanitary justice and to ensure the safety of the civilian population at all times", he added.

During the press conference, the OHCHR spokesman also sounded the alert about the arrest in Kachin of non-violent protesters demanding an end to the antagonism. "We call on the Myanmar administration to uphold the right to peaceful gathering and free speech," Mr Colville said.

Rohringya villages'destroyed' in Myanmar, show pictures

Over 1,200 houses have been destroyed in the last six-week period in communities populated by the Rohingya Muslim minorities in Myanmar, Human Rights Watch says. Rohingya are one of the most oppressed minorities in the game. BBC cannot check the scale of the devastation in Rohingya towns separately because the BBC has prevented foreign media from entering the area where ten thousand refugees have been.

Myanmar's junta, also known as Burma, says the Rohingya are burning their own houses to draw foreign publicity. Humans Rights Watch previously unearthed 430 damaged houses in three communities from a series of satellites published on 13 November. I' ve had the chance to speak to at least five refugee fleeing their Myanmar houses to seek refuge in Bangladesh and to join more than 500,000 Rohingya Muslims who already live here inofficially.

You described what has been happening in Rakhine's north for a whole month as" hell on earth". As Myanmar's army launches an antiinsurgency mission, the escaped Rohingya tell me that they are being randomly targetted. While they say they too are in favor of penalizing the culprits of the assaults on the frontier patrol, they are targeting innocent Rohingya as part of the present quell.

So what happens in the state of Rakhine? A group of Rohingyas were held responsible for the assault by some members of the state. Rachingya campaigners say that more than 100 persons were murdered and incriminated. They are also charged with serious violations of fundamental freedoms, which include tortures, rapes and killings, which have been firmly rejected by the state.

In Bangladesh, the country has strengthened its safety profile at the frontier as several hundred Rohingya try to escape there. And the Rohingya? Rakhine's buddhistic majoritarian group considers the one million Rohingya as irregular Bangladeshi people. Though many have been living there for generation after generation, they are not granted nationality by the state.

It'?s the government's fault? "Rather than respond with military-style allegations and denial, the Burmese authorities should look at the facts and take measures to defend all Burmese citizens, regardless of their creed or ethnicity," said Brad Adams, director of MRA. As he added: "A goverment that has nothing to conceal should have no difficulty in giving entry to reporters and researchers on the subject.

The United Nations report on Myanmar Yanghee Lee said on Friday that an intergovernmental mission was able to enter the area at the beginning of this months, but had" only" restricted results".

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