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You can read the full article here. Burma is known as the land of beautiful pagodas and stupas. It is the most interesting and joyful event for all the people of Myanmar. Asiatic countries that use MMT all year round: On full moon day different incense sticks are burned for the Myanmar Buddha picture.

U.S. government prohibits all Myanmar precious stone import, encouraged Chevron to sell

On Tuesday President Bush passed a law to sanction Myanmar's violent governing regimes by freeze the property of Myanmar's top rulers and prohibiting the import of Ruby and Java from that land into the US....[which] is already the volunteer policies of merchants like Tiffany's and Bulgari..... Chevron also has an incentive to sell its Myanmar CNG programme.....

The Ministry of Finance announces fines against ten corporations under suspicion of being under Myanmar control.... among them two large corporations - the Union of Myanmar Economic Holdings Limited and the Myanmar Economic Corp..... On Tuesday, the Ministry of Finance approved two agglomerates in a breakthrough against Myanmar..... Treasury Tuesday's campaign is aimed at the Union of Myanmar Economic Holdings Ltd. and Myanmar Economic Corp.....

UMEH has four subsidiaries - Myanmar Ruby Enterprises, Myanmar Imperial Jade Company Ltd, Myawaddy Trading Ltd and Myawaddy Bank Ltd. - are listed as the results of Tuesday's campaign in the especially designed nationals and blocked persons group. This campaign is also aimed at the No. 1 Minining Enterprises, No. 2 Minining Enterprises and No. 3 Minining Enterprises - all of which are the property of the Myanmar Ministry of Mines.

Also the Cooperative Import Export Enterprise, a trade corporation under the Ministry of Cooperatives of Myanmar, was penalized.....

Deputies press Leeds United proprietor Andrea Radrizzani to call off Myanmar trip

Leeds United's proprietor was asked by all five members of parliament in the town to call off the club's disputed trip to Myanmar. Early this weekend Leeds United announced they would play two friendlies in Myanmar next months - one against the international side and another against an all-star side - after the end of their home game.

Myanmar, also known as Burma, was convicted worldwide after the violent events in its Rakhine state, where the United Nations feared a "textbook example" of violent ethnical purges by the Rohingya Muslim population. The Leeds United crowd called the trip "a peculiar and contentious decision" and also worried about the security of the crowd, with the Foreign Ministry currently discouraging all trips to some parts of Myanmar.

Mr Radrizzani then wrote an open message in defense of the journey and stressed: "We cannot disseminate our common sense by turning our backs on it, we can only do so by getting involved". MEPs Rachel Reeves, Hilary Benn (Leeds Central), Richard Burgon (Leeds East), Fabian Hamilton (Leeds North East) and Alex Sobel (Leeds North West) wrote to Mr Radrizzani "reflect on the representation we make and Leeds United's choice to perform in Myanmar".

Labour MEP John Mann, a Leeds United follower, has already said to the clubs that he should "collect new signatures instead of going into areas of tension and supporting a violent regime".

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