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Free calls to Myanmar and Myanmar's mobile networks! Just dial our instant number to call Myanmar for free! Fast search and download FREE, correctly quoted Creative Commons photos of Myanmar. Burma is a country in Southeast Asia. His full name is the Republic of Myanmar.

Burma Rangers in action in Myanmar

Free Burma Rangers - a religious charity - have been carrying out humanitarian operations in the Myanmar people. Now that the battles are on the rise, the FBR has reemerged, headed by former U.S. Special Forces and former Rangers Office official David Eubank, who speaks to VOA about the increasing challenge his group faces in trusted terrain and the expansion into the state of Rakhine.

Call Myanmar (and your mobile phone for free!)

When you sign up for an bundle of bundled services that includes 0870 numbers, you will receive these phone charges on your phone bill when you use our 0870 number. If you are an "evening and weekend rate customer", for example, you can call 01 and 02 numbers free of charge, and the 0870 account number can also be called free of charge during these hours.

You only need to make a note of the specific number you need to call to make free Myanmar calls: 08700 477 477. Also make FREE Myanmar FREE telephone and fax call! There is also free telephone use in Myanmar. Just call the same number, 08700 477 477, followed by the full Myanmar number you want to call, beginning with 0095 as before.

Make sure you are on a bundle that allows included phone numbers to 0845/0870: You can view BT's call bundle offers here. All-in-one call packs (provided by Plusnet) See their offer here. Included in PlusNet call packets are 0845 and 0870-numbers. Mail including call packets includes 0845 and 0870-numbers.

Sky-talk deal includes landline and mobile calling, 0845 & 0870 numbers from 4 per £/mo. You can view Virgin Media including call bundle offers here. Not an included call packet? We here at Planet Numbers are specialised in offering our clients low cost calling from all UK fixed and mobile networks.

Follow this link to find out how you can make cheap calls to Myanmar.

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