Myanmar formerly known as Burma

Burma, formerly known as Myanmar

But the peace process is in full swing, and the people of Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, expect lasting peace and solid democracy. Burma, formerly known as Burma, is called the land of the pagodas for good reason. This Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. Some bizarre news from Myanmar last week, very bizarre. Burma (formerly known as Burma) has large mineral resources of precious and semi-precious stones such as jade, ruby and sapphire.

Myanmar: Famous Myanmar psychic ET is dying

One of Burma's richest and most influential diviners has passed away at the age of 58. The Swe Swe Swe Win Swe Swe Swe Win family membersstold native medium, known as ET, was killed on Sunday due to physical causes. Among her customers were reported to be former Burma chief Than Shwe and former Thai prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, as well as minister and affluent economic executives.

They could not listen or talk, so communicates with their customers in written form or through wizards. Divination and astrology are still widespread in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) and ET - or E Thi - was one of the most popular fortune-tellers in the state. She and her familiy recounted to the Frontier Myanmar press agency that ET, nicknamed after her likeness to the popular movie aliens, "died natural and peaceful while she slept" early Sunday mornings.

During their careers ET was frequently frequented by the wealthy and mighty at their home in Yangon. Among her customers was reported to be Than Shwe, the Myanmar general who made the surprising 2005 move of Myanmar's capitol from Yangon to Nay Pyi Taw. A lot of people believe he ordered the revolution on the recommendation of sibyls.

Her glory was so great that in 2012 a Thai TV company made a TV show about her own world. Later on, she established a charitable trust and supported the assassination of two UK backpacker tourists on the Thai Isle of Koh Tao on whose behalf the two condemned men of Burma died.

Beforehand the psychic had said that she would soon be dying of cardiac insufficiency, but she was not concerned because she would be "very pretty" in her next year.

About Myanmar | About Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, has at last started to hide its mantle of secrecy and allow travellers to explore its old tradition, architectonic and art nouveau richness and beauties of nature after the absence of most tourists for years. Until 1989 Myanmar was formally known as Burma.

Myanmar's Buddhism is the major religious denomination; 89% of the Myanmar people are Buddhists. Myanmar's tradition of sports is Chinlon. It is a play of sports and dancing and the goal is to keep the chin in the sky as long as possible by performing it. Myanmar uses a gel from the rind of the Thanakha plant as a make-up; when used on the face, it works as a sun cream.

Burma has more than 100 different nationalities. Burma is one of three nations in the rest of the word (along with Liberia and the US) that have not adopted the Metrics system. In this area of Myanmar, the vast majority of Myanmar's people are living in the rich valleys and rivers. The most important rice exports in Myanmar.

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