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When filling out the information in Myanmar, please use Myanmar Unicode Font. The number of employees in Myanmar *. Burma is considered the literary form of the group's name, while Burma is derived from "Bamar", the colloquial form of the group's name. Send this form to AMCHAM for changes to your membership, such as: Decrease in economic vulnerability in Myanmar.

Xinhua: Myanmar forms anti-trafficking force to fight trafficking in Myanmar

YANGON, July 8 (Xinhua) -- Myanmar will form dedicated working groups to contain the trafficking and will carry out a surprising cheque with moving crews at some major ports, the Global New Light of Myanmar officials said on Sunday. Burma's vice-president U Myint Swe said on Saturday before a board on developing the privatector that small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) were suffering from trafficking while they paid taxes because they could not compete with uncompetitive export policies, in which overseas firms undermined Myanmar's indigenous manufacturers by overwhelming the country's markets with inexpensive surpluses.

Trade Minister Dr. Than Myint said the dedicated transport units in Kachin, Shan, Kayin and Mon states and in the Tanintharyi area will begin their work. With a share of over 90 per cent of all companies, SMEs are an important driver of the country's economic development.

Myanmar's external economic activity in the 2017-18 financial year was $33.52 billion, according to the Department of Commerce, with the retail industry accounting for $27.24 billion or more than 81 per cent of MYAM. Myanmar's external economic activity from April to June 2018 was $7.98 billion, of which $6.92 billion, or 87 per cent, was in the consumer area.

Myanmar Engineering Council | REC Online Application Form

Myanmar name: Zawgyi Name: 1.3 Name ((Prof., Dr., Engr, Mr., Mrs. or others): Permitted files types: gif jpg jpeg pfng dif yar rare tariffip. Identity NRC/passport number (Myanmar): Identity NRC/Passport number (Zawgyi): 1.7.2 Date of issue: 1.7.3 Place of issue: 1.7.4 Expiry date: Permitted files types: gif jpg jpg jpeg jpeg jng ann rare tare zipped.

Name of the father (Myanmar): Father's name (Zawgyi): 2.4 State/Region: 2.5 Postcode: 6.2.1 Postgraduate studies/university: 6.2.2 Completion date (month year): 6.2.3 Field of study: Engineering: 6.3.2 Closing date (month-year): 6.3.3 Technical discipline: Permitted files types: gif jpg jpg jpg png jng ann rare tare zipped.

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