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Get your return on your investment in Myanmar? The article explains the exchange control regime in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma). Find out about the exchange rates in Myanmar. "Developments on the foreign exchange market were very slow. Forex market, managed floating, Myanmar.

The Foreign Exchange Regulation Act | Central Bank of Myanmar

2. No one shall trade at exchange rate other than that approved by the Central Bank of Myanmar. 3. Where a foreign exchange is purchased by a non-authorised trader for a particular use or where a conditional acquirer has been authorised to purchase foreign exchange, that non-authorised trader shall not use the foreign exchange thus purchased for any purposes other than that use or, if a foreign exchange thus purchased cannot be used, that non-authorised trader shall immediately be required to have the foreign exchange sold or offered by that non-authorised trader.

4. No one shall take or dispatch to Myanmar any banknotes or coins, whether banknotes or coins from Myanmar or from abroad, except with the general or specific authorisation of the controller. individual may take or ship from Myanmar any bullion, jewelry or gemstones, or any foreign exchange or currencies, except with the general or specific authorization of the controller or the prior authorization in writing of a individual authorised in that name by the controller.

6. No individual shall bring or transmit a document to a location outside Myanmar, except with the general or specific authorisation of the controller. 7. Except with the general or specific authorisation of the controller, no data controller established in Myanmar may pay for any assets, other than by will, on the basis of a fiduciary relationship under which a data controller is established outside Myanmar at the date of establishment.

8. Except with the general or specific authorisation of the controller, no data subject residing in Myanmar may loan funds to a business under the control of data subjects residing outside Myanmar.

Myanmar - Foreign exchange controls

Contains the management of foreign exchange and its impact on the US market. Myanmar's foreign exchange legislation has developed considerably since 2011. To facilitate strict exchange control, the government of Myanmar passed a new Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEML) in August 2012. Under the new Mutual Funds Act, however, the possibility of repatriating foreign exchange assets and earnings is warranted, pending Myanmar Investmentgesetz (MIC) consent.

In April 2012, the Central Bank of Myanmar set up a Myanmar Kyoto credit line with a first 818 kyats per US dollars auctions. From April 2017, Kyoto was quoted at around 1354 kyats per $1 US Dollars, drawn up by our US consulates abroad. The U.S. Commercial Service of the U.S. Department of Commerce, with a reach of 108 locations in the United States and more than 75 nations, leverages its extensive U.S. commercial service and extensive experience in U.S. commercial communications to help U.S. businesses market their goods and provide comprehensive service to customers around the world.

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