Myanmar for Tourists

Burma for tourists

Burma is a fascinating country in Southeast Asia. Myanmar was not on the tourist map for a long time and a country that was very difficult to enter. There are travel restrictions for foreigners and tourists in the following areas. Tourism in Myanmar has already begun without legislation. Myanmar's tourism industry is not without potential, but it is still underdeveloped.

Retrospecting the tourist | The Myanmar Times

In spite of the questionable metrics used by the writer to reach this finding, it is no wonder that the issue "is Myanmar secure? However, as Myanmar's reputation among the global press and overseas government has suffered as a result of the Rakhine crises, ethics and security issues are not restricted to backpacker tourists and older travel groups.

"Ask nine out of ten folks. There are even [travel writers] who are traveling a great deal, so think of the perception of other travelers who don't get around much," said May Zune Win, a blogsman and founders of the ET Tours group. As part of her effort to restore the country's shattered international reputation, she assisted with the organization of Myanmar's First ASEAN Media & Blogs Trip (FAM), a week-long trip through Myanmar for regional tourism and blogging professionals.

"Most importantly, not to show how nice Myanmar is, but to show how secure Myanmar is," she said. Altogether 28 reporters and blogs from all ten ASEAN states took part. Although the group had not moved away from the beaten track and visited Yangon, Bagan and the Inle Sea, the organizers had difficulty reassuring the group that they were not in the vicinity of areas of conflicts on the borders between the state of Rakhine and Bangladesh.

Occurrences of incidents of atrocities perpetrated by Myanmar troops and civil gunmen during the operation have led to wide-spread global condemnations of Myanmar's civil and military leader. Whereas the Algerian authorities have described the effects of denunciation of the situation of the Muslim minorities on tourists as insignificant, last year's arrival of tourists did not achieve the government's goal.

The number of tourists arriving from Europe and the USA last year was 20 per cent down on the year before. It was Myint Hungwe, Assistant General Manager of the Ministry of Hotels and tourism in Myanmar, Bloomberg, said last months. It may not concern the goverment, but it is changing the course of the travel sector.

In the next two years it wants to attract more Asian visitors and needs the help of international cameramen. "Myanmar is not something I thought uncertain, but I have a question about the comfort of a Muslim travelling through Myanmar," said Ali Imran, a Malaysian National News Agency reporter who participated in FAM.

Malaysia, Myanmar's predominantly Moslem neighbour, has been open about the way in which the Myanmar Islamic minorities have been treated. Twenty-one in 2016, Malaysia made 3. 45-pc of all tourism destinations, according to goverment stats. Conquering the heart and mind of the world' s travel industry was only half the story for May Zune Win and the TO.

Costing between $50,000 and $60,000 to get 28 persons around the nation for a whole weekend, most of them supported by the main travel sponsors, Shwe Pyi Nan, a manufacturer of thanakas. But the Myanmar administration did not help, and neither did the airline companies, because the route was organised too quickly, May Zune Win said.

In a recent 39 -country poll, ASEAN respondents put four top ten ads on the amount of quality information their cities are spending there. Myanmar is really succeeding in boosting its tourist industry, it gets over 30 million visits a year, while Myanmar has less than 3 million and still support them, while Myanmar none, so we should do more," said May Zune Win.

By the end of the trip, most of the attendees were positive about the growth opportunities in Myanmar's healthcare area. Singaporian traveller Hannah Chia says Thailand was her preferred holiday location because of the often praised Thai friendliness and good value for the money. Burma has all the essentials of a top resort, she said.

"Myanmar's tribe has really stood up for everything. It was Myanmar's zeal for young Chinese tourists to help build the largest capital in the state.

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