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_abdm. push (["1512023572", "InPage", "1512024269", "InPage_1512024269"]); According to the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism, the number of tourist arriving in Myanmar during the first two month of this year has risen by 22 cents. "We had more than 600,000 overseas guests at the end of February, more than in the same timeframe in 2016," said U Myint Htwe, MHT.

But total tourism arrival was only 2.9 million last year, a decrease of 38% compared to the 4.68 million in 2015, according to a new system of collection by the Department, which does not involve day-trippers with BIP. "The system so far has included people who have passed through frontier control posts.

However, this year's numbers have been categorised according to tourist, traveler and excursionist," said U Ohn Maung, Union Minister for Hotel and Tourist Affairs, speaking at the recent ASEAN Tourist Forum in Singapore. "However, the overall outlook for the tourist industry is very good, despite the 38% drop due to a different way of metering overseas visitors," Ma Hnin Hlwar Kyaw Win, Myanmar Tourist Services Company's top selling agent tells the Myanmar Times.

It said that few people from Russia and Japan come to Myanmar, but there has been an increase in the number of foreigners.

Burma whereos China, South East Asiatic tourism

Burma is moving its touristic emphasis to China and Southeast Asia after the recent turbulence in the north of Rakhine has reduced the flow of tourists from the West and Europe. "We' ll concentrate on those Myanmar -affiliated nations such as China, South Korea, Japan and ASEAN," said U Yan Win, Chair of the Myanmar Tourism Federation of the Myanmar Times.

The first China-Myanmar tourist development workshops were organised last weekend in Yangon by the Ministry of Hotel and Tourist Affairs and the Myanmar and China PRPT. Discussions took place on tourist development schemes and identification of areas of concern that hampered the influx of China into Myanmar. Yan Win said that in 2016 China will be the second biggest tourist destination in Myanmar after Thailand, which has visited more than 180,000 people.

"He said, "We need to promote more tourist in China and Hong Kong, as the second biggest visitor to the land is visiting them. "By the time we went to the China Tourist Fair, few of us knew our land. We want to draw tenfold as much visitor from China within two years," he said.

The country has a total of 1.3 billion people, 122 million of whom will visit international sites in 2016. During their travels, Chinese-stayers spend 110 billion US dollars (K150. 33 trillion) - an annual figure of 900 dollars per each. A quarter of Thailand's international guests come from China. Nearly nine million visiting China last year, said Chen Chen Chen, Assistant Head of Missions and Ministerial Adviser at the Yangon Ambassador to China.

But few are visiting Myanmar, so we are encouraging more Chineses to travel Myanmar, he added. "It' s more costly for a Chinaman to spend a whole weekend in Myanmar than to travel to Thailand, Malaysia or Singapore due to the price of hotels," Chen added. Yan Win said there were some problems hindering the influx of China into Myanmar, such as the visa-on-arrival (VOA) issuance and the Myanmar government's immigration clearance.

Areas along the Sino-Myanmar side close to the borders are blocked for long journeys. Visas on arriving at the airports are too long and even the visitor needs an inviting note for a VOA, he added. "There would be many more Chinese-stayers coming if we could cut some VOA rules and give back the long distance travel permits at the boarder.

We will therefore raise these questions with the Committee on Tourist Development under the leadership of the Vice-President," he said. In the early stages, the Department and the privately-owned tourist industry are seeking VOA approval for 22 counties, among them China, Japan, South Korea and other South East Asia states.

Immigration authorities only permitted visitors e-visa for more than 100 destinations, bussines e-visa for more than 50 destinations and pre-arranged visas on arrivals that required the company's letter of invitations. There are no intentions to open doors along the Chinese-Myanmarian borders such as Myawaddy and Tachilek, according to the MFA.

"We' re still debating with immigration how to get VOA approvals for all nations and China," said U Tint Thwin, General Manager of the Minister. "There are no projects yet to turn the Museum Grenztor into an intern... For one year, Museum Grenztor has been shut down for long outings.

Almost 20 tourist and tourist businesses headquartered in Musen have closed their tourist businesses there, according to U Myo Than, the Secretariat of the Muse Tourist Association. "We' reopening ourselves to the growth of the tourist industry. He said, "If the goverment allows a long-term journey, many visiting China would come to Myanmar. Currently more than 500 returners and about 2000 spectators come every single workingday to see the Museum Grenztor during the work.

K2782 (5 yuan) for daily excursions and if they come with a passport, they have to transfer $10 to the hotel and tourism department and 42yuan to the customs, U Myo Than said. At the end of October, a grand total of 2.81 million foreign tourists came to the state, an advance of 20 per cent over the same month last year.

Seventy-seven million people came on visas via major ports of call during the 1st World War. Seventy-four million people came through the gate as daily returnees.

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