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We' ve compiled travel reports and reviews from tour operators, hotels, Myanmar airlines, Myanmar cruises and all kinds of tour operators. An entry stamp page is required. The pagodas and temples are the most important symbols and destinations for tourists in Myanmar. Myanmar Limited ("Telenor") has released its cheapest SIM package for tourists in Myanmar. You can download all the latest market reports on the tourism industry in Myanmar.

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We' ve compiled reports and evaluations from tourism agencies, banks, hotels, airlines, cruise ships and all kinds of tourism agencies. Benefit from the useful information and take part in the evaluation, commentary and dissemination of evaluations. We' re saying.... dividing the information you knew is a contribution of know-how. We modestly recommend that all visitors give their opinions and pass on the information you know.

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This year, the travel trade exceeded expectation despite the abrupt eruption of violent events in North Rakhine, which gave the state a bad reputation, but the situation is likely to be more difficult next year. The number of tourists arriving in the first eleven of this year was 20 per cent higher than in the same time frame last year, and it is likely that the goal for the year as a whole anticipated by the authorities will be achieved.

Goverment dates showed that from January to November touristic arrives totaled 3. 1 million, already surpassing the 2. 9 million visitor arriving in the country last year. With the Rakhine crises beginning a few months before the high seas began, the Rakhine crises had a dampening effect on the industry's initial expectation.

On 25 August, the crises began when the warriors of the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA), described by the regime as a tourist organization, raided tens of junta guard posts in the north of Rakhine State, resulting in conflicts that killed several hundred in number. West Korean tourist, formerly the main destination of the country's tourist industries, began to shun Myanmar during the economic downturn and chose other tourist locations in the area.

However, the sector quickly moved its attention to China and South-East Asia tourism, which quickly pays off and compensates for the downturn in both the West and Europeseas. The fact that travel agents have been selling their package deals in the first six month of the year and the effects of the Rakhine crises were not yet fully felt also contributed to the increase in tourism in 2017.

However, the true effects of the Rakhine crises are likely to be felt next year, according to the sector actors. "In the first four of 2018 there would be problems," said Phyo Wai Yarzar Taylor, vice-president of the Myanmar Tourism Federation, to the Myanmar Times. "As we know, the number of tourists arriving from January to March would decline due to the effects of the Rakhine war.

Alien newspapers, especially from the West, strongly criticized Myanmar for the allegations of violations of human freedoms committed by Myanmar's authorities during the eviction operation against the terrorism that deterred West and Europeans from leaving the state. In Rakhine's Mrauk-U travel route there were 90 per cent cancellation and some effects also in Ngapali within two month after the insurrection, the tour operator said.

"Had there been more bad news in the international press and more unhappy incidents, we would have to await two or three more years of stable markets," said U Thet Lwin Toh, president of the Union of Myanmar Travel Association. Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom recorded the strongest declines in the West.

Encouragingly, the number of people visiting from South Asia and the ASEAN region has been up. The Ministry of Hotel and Tourist Affairs reported that the number of Philippine and Vietnamese tourists grew by 70 percent and Singapore by 26 percent. ASEAN and South Asia are being prepared by the development team of the tourist industry to expand and expand prospective targets in South Asia and ASEAN instead of West and Europe.

From February we are starting our promotion campaigns for the low or wet seasons. We now plan to expand promotion to the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, India, China and Japan," said Daw May Myat Mon Win, chairman of the Myanmar Tourist Marketing Association. The Myanmar Tourist Board is trying to penetrate the China tourist industry and is hoping to draw about one million visits from China in the next two years.

Myanmar is only its neighbor and China is the largest country in the whole wide globe. In 2016 Thailand drew 10 million people to China. People like to go to China, said U Pho Wai Yarzar. "Now we have to be prepared for many opportunities if we want to address the China tourism industry, and I suggest we address high-end travelers in China," he said.

While the Rakhine dispute has not yet affected the internal air transport industry, things can quickly turn around if unexpected adverse occurrences occur in 2018. Major attractions in the state such as Bagan and Inle Lake saw a 20 percent drop in the number of foreign visitors, but this was compensated by the increase in the number of native people.

In spite of the adverse effects of the riots in Rakhine on the country's reputation, FDI in the travel industry, especially in the hospitality industry, is growing - proof of the country's long-term sustainability as a travel location. From November 2017 there will be 1,575 establishments with 63,336 rooms across the nation, the Department added.

It is hoped that the tourist industries will keep their promises to work really harshly for lasting international goodwill not only in the north of Rakhine but throughout the state. Peacemaking and touring are interwoven. U Thet Lwin Toh said: "Tourism is for the sake of it.

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