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Burma Football News

The latest news about the Myanmar Football Association. The Myanmar National Women's Football Team is a women's football team representing Myanmar, controlled by the Myanmar Football Federation (MFF). Burma football memes and news. Myanmar Football Memes and News Group official site. The All Star Team beat Leeds United, an English football league (EFL) Championshi.

United Leeds Myanmar Trip

Situations - supposedly the most rapidly increasing fugitive crises in the word - have thrown an immense veil over the route, but a small fistful of Leeds enthusiasts have made the journey to observe their group. Here BBC Sport talks to some of these supporters and gets the thoughts of our Yangon journalist.

Yangon based Léeds enthusiasts - around 50 are said to have made the journey - were asked for their opinion of the tour: "leed's proprietor andrea radrizzani does his deal out here and spends her salary. It' good news for the region, keep the policy away from football. It'?s got nothing to do with football.

Put out the words football and it's good for everyone. "Pete Southam: "I haven't been missing a journey in about 20 years, but I've been thinking about it. In the long run, I think it's going to be quite good for the team, as it's fairly dark when it comes to football.

Myanmar's administration, which does not grant Rohingya nationality and considers them Bangladeshi illegals, says it is struggling against fighters and has refused to target any civilian. Surely the local people here see the opportunity to see an British football club that they would normally only see on TV.

The seasoned keeper Andy Lonergan and Spain middlefielder Samuel Saiz were the most seasoned at Thuwanna Football Stadium. After 22 goals, Joseph Mpande took the lead with a head from the closest quarters, which Capt. Saiz could equal four goals four goals later with a fine for leads. Only for Ryan Edmondson's blow did he find almost another immediate answer, to be excluded for a minor side note just three moments later.

Andrea Radrizzani, proprietor of Leaders, signed Myanmar TV licensing agreement | Football News

Andrea Radrizzani's Eleven Sport, President of Leseds, has entered into a nine-year agreement with the Myanmar National League regarding the protection of international law. With My Sports, Eleven Sports has started a new sport streaming all 132 games of the Bundesliga per team. Mr Radrizzani refused Amnesty International's call to call off the concert trip in Lesotho, recognising the "serious problems" in the region but added that he hopes to disseminate his club's name and "develop the regional sport and mediadérien.

Eleven Sports CEO Danny Menken said in a statement: "We have a long-term relationship with the Myanmar National League to help the nation sustainably build its football structure. The United Nations Head of the United Nations in March charged the Myanmar administration with "possible crime against humanity" in connection with the prosecution of the Muslim Rohingyas in the north of Rakhine.

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