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Burma Food Photos

Home-cooked food, street food, snacks and restaurant in Myanmar. See more ideas about Burmese food, Burma Myanmar and Myanmar travel. Pictures of Mohinga Burma Food - Sbs.Com. Sense Myanmar Food, Yangon (Rangoon): You can see on the photo I took about ordering that my eyes are bigger than my stomach!

Overview of Burma's cuisine

For the first time I recall what Burma should be like in a San Francisco dinnerhouse. During our trip to Burma (Myanmar), however, we quickly valued Myanmar cooking for the beauties of what it is: Asiatic cooking blended with Southeast Asia, China and India. With that in mind, we enjoyed Burma eating.

The road kitchen was diverse, open and reasonably priced. Even though we used to eat in coaches, at stands and at fairs, we almost always used to eat begetarian. This is the informal lunch of noodles in a stock of onion, cloves of lemongrass, cloves of cooked egg and fried bread (akyaw).

This Chapatis booth does not need a name; everyone in Mandalay knows it. In order to keep your lapati with you, choose a portion of meats or vegetable curries from huge cups. Both the vegetarian farmhouse and the farmhouse were delicious - and groundless. Amidst dip, shovels and dabs, you' ll be able to live your lives as they whirl around you on the streets and at the desks.

Mandalay, 82nd Road and Twenty-seventh Road, 700 Kyat (less than $1). Though barbecuing usually means eating meats, we have all become vegetarians. Choose foods that look crisp and choose the ambience you want. Inexpensive as in two peoples eating for less than $3. All over the streets, especially in Rangoon / Yangon.

Try them on the edge of the road, on the station floor, in a group. Also try the samousa soup (samusa thouk), where the stews are cut into a slight stock and covered with young vegetables, onion, and herb. Myanmar sausage. Coach trips in Burma often take twice as long as they should.

For comfort, your coach usually stops at a street cafeteria or two large, multi-course Thali ( "rice, broth, vegetable, curry, chutney"), which cost 1.00-2 dollars. Rule of thumb: If the meal looks refreshing, turn it on. When the dinner looks weary, give him a permit.

Awake up, go down the road and whiff the caffee. Then we followed a powerful scent of coffees down the road to Let Ywe Sin, a hole-in-the-wall square that serves a vibrant locals, tasty coffees and cake. The best sophisticated seafood we've tried on our trips in Burma. As a side dish we serve gourdcecurry.

A unique Superb Restaurant in Nyaungshwe (Inle Lake). Myanmar pasta with Indian spices mesala, spices and a dash of lime syrup (or vinegar). Coming from the central road, pass the viaduct and turn to your lefthand into the village square. Dinner was good, but the girls who work here had the time.

Oh, and you get an all you can treat (they will shovel you full) Myanmar thai with mongoose peas, lush greens and various vegetable dishes with spicy sauces. 700 kyat (less than $1) down the road from Teak Monastery in Mandalay. Whatever you order - filled flatbread, sherbet or paddy, be sure to enjoy your eye and your lips on the matching sauces.

You can also try the correspondingly designated Nepalese restaurant in Mandalay (81st street between 26th and 27th street) - large Methyl Peratha (potato and pancake filled with fenugreek) and Li?. It is a lettuce of marinated tealeaves, accompanied by various crispy dressings (fried pea, groundnuts and cloves; roasted lemon, tomatoes, fresh tomatoes, chilli, crushed prawns, marinated ginger) and groundnut oils, seafood and lemon.

Mandalay Green Elephant Restaurant (27th and sixth streets). From Kalaw trek to Inle Lake with Sam's trek, get a tour leader (ours was Alex) and eat homemade meals three days a week. Meals included gourd and squash soups, lemon and peanut soups with tomatoes, gourd curries and stewed lady's prawns with lemon and peanut.

Guides, board and lodging = $8/day (2008 prices). A guacamole in Burma? A touristy US man teaches the chefs in a typical veggie eatery how to make tasty gucac with thinly sliced pastry. Somewhat more authentic: the candy mi popho, a meal with toasted eggplants, roast with scallions, groundnuts, garlic, lemon, and a shot of almonds.

The Moon Vegetarian Restaurant is located just outside Old Bagan, just off the northern edge of Ananda-Temples. This is a warm favourite in the Myanmar area. Shortly after we cleaned our own teeths (a non-trivial production) and went to sleep, one evening in the Shan state' s Burma highlands, our homestay provided packages of onions, leeks, rices and cabbages stewed in a sheet of bananas.

The best thing we experienced was the woman of a man from Burma who asked us to come to his home in New Bagan. It' almost pays off to get off at Toungoo and spend the night at Myanmar Beauty Guesthouse just for the richest breakfasts in the game. Large, diverse and tasty, it can be served with grilled fruits from the vegetable gardens, roasted chapatis (crispy, blown and baked with cooked lentils/peas), balls, steamsas, fresh local coffees.... and just about anything else you could wish for.

Embroidery with Mandalay Red (select it via Mandalay Blue). The Myanmar Beer is also fine, especially at the tap. Bolognese pizza and tagliatelle at the Star Flower Restaurant in Nyaungshwe (Lake Inle). It is said that an ltalian tourer from Bologna teached some of Burma's brethren how to prepare ltalian cuisine. These results are amazing and remarkable authentically, especially when you consider that you are in Burma and some of the raw materials are hard to come by.

Below are some of the best reference works on Burma or authored by people from Burma. Myanmar Days: Using his own Burma experiences as a young man, George Orwell gives an insight into living in Britain's Colonies in all its madness and ghosts. As a matter of fact, I was reading that after we were out of Burma, and I wish I had been there.

Ghosh's leads the book's readers through an unbelievable tale that begins on the threshold of Britain's reign in Burma (1885) and extends to the Second World War and the present. Jan-Philipp Sendker's novel is about the urbane US subsidiary going to Burma to find her missing sire.

On her way there she hears about his background, his early life in Burma and realises that she knew so little about her sire. I' ve been reading this guide a few years after my visit to Burma and I think that the descriptions of Burma's civilization and nation have worked well. Myanmar Lonely Planet (Burma):

Things in Myanmar (Burma) are rapidly moving, but we still appreciate having a current guide to chart. Get a Myanmar phrase book if you want to study some indigenous words and phrases.

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