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Their guide to the best online stores for Burmese ingredients. Burden on online groceries in Myanmar Myanmar's online grocery stores have become very much loved by the country's many million web surfers, offering a race for their wager. Myanmar's online grocery stores have become very much loved by the country's many million web surfers, offering a race for their wager.

With Myanmar's web being widespread, online shoppers have gone online, mainly to import clothing and accessoires from Thailand and Singapore, as well as dry or roasted food, sweets and prescriptions through the use of online and online search. Nearly 14 million Myanmar citizens between the ages of 18 and 64 use Facebook, according to a June Myanmar ICT Development Organization (MIDO) poll.

"The number of food vendors in the public press has, of course, soared. Prawn prescriptions sell like hotcakes," said Khine Su Wai, who has been online for a year and a half now. Humans order food online if the food is not simple to make or if they are too rotten to use.

You can get specific food online whenever they want, especially when it rains or when it is unpleasant to go to dinner. An enthusiastic online shopkeeper, Yuzana Khin, who began shopping for knick-knacks in 2014 and then began ordering food online, said that shopping for food online is similar to shopping for food in a canteen.

"I have received many broken items when ordering online, but no food. The most food I order online is good and tasty," said Yuzana Khin, who said she always verifies client ratings and feedbacks for an online store before placing an order. The 46-year-old Richard, however, who loves to find and enjoy good food in a restaurant, is careful.

"Order food online is like trying my happiness. I' d rather go outside and sit and watch the food. A few folks may be writing comments in return for something," he said this weekend. Aung Food bloggers show show also preferred to eating, rather than ordering food online.

"On-line stores cannot keep up the good tastes and cannot withstand the pressures when they have many orders. I' ve never seen online stores run by an organization, but by family. In spite of the heterogeneous reaction, Htike Htike Aung, managing partner of MIDO, said that there is great promise for the online sale of food.

It was a win-win for grocery stores and customers, she said. "She said, "Consumers can simply access the feed-back on Facebook, which is a greater stimulus for online grocery stores to deliver a better value. Zinn Min Htet, who runs an online grocery store, said it is not necessarily the case that restaurant rates are higher than online stores.

"The food in some diners is more costly because of the costly decoration and materials. I also see food from online stores that are costly, perhaps because of their wages," said Zin Min Htet, who also sold cancer prescriptions online. According to Kywe Kywe Ohn, both online grocery stores and food outlets must pay 5 per cent VAT and 5 to 10 per cent servicing charges in addition to the food prices.

"It' really terrible that the costs of the shipment are the same as the food I want to have. It' s only better business if you order a lot," Kywe Kywe Ohn said. To order food online, review customers' ratings, especially from your best friend and family, so you not only get delicious food, but also the best value for you.

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