Myanmar Food near me

Burma food near me

Myanmar Cetana Mon Restaurant - 182 pictures & 58 votes - Burmese - 3944 Peck Rd, El Monte, CA - Ratings - Telephone number That neighbourhood jewel serves astonishing food. Any meal we had was excellent: Samosa burmesian way - very scaly roasted bowls with tasty potatoe stuffing + tealeaf lettuce - such a tasty singular lettuce with great structure - astonishing for those who like acidic food + #10 noodlesoup - so easy and lightweight and yet so tasty, I used to have pasta and shallow pasta in it, tasty fishballs and hand-made meatsball + beefcurry - that's southeast asiatic way -

It' also a cheaper place - a great place for good food. To try something else, I bookmark this place. We' ordered the lettuce. There had a great taste, but proved not appropriate for those who think Panda Express is good food. That came w a side of tangy lettuce that wasn't too poor, and a peppersoup means to be eaten seperately & not to be blended into the nasto.

It' called peppermint broth because it has the taste of a salted basis with it. Coctopus noodles. When you enter the site, the eatery is on the right-hand side of the square. Look at my pictures and give them a "how" to order the herbs. Also, the tealeaf lettuce was especially astonishing this year!

Fresh and congratulating the aromatic, greasy prawn special! I like the roasted cloves of cloves that go in the lettuce. Perhaps the best Myanmar eatery since Ah May shut down. We both went to Myanmar together, but I'm not sure they want to go back on the adventures.

Tealeaf lettuce, tamusa, red beer fritter, nanggyi choke, ci chats, everything on the meal is delectable. Her Myanmar milktea is not as cute as others, with notes of muscat, which is a beauty. This is my first taste of Myanmar food and I am very satisfied! No one was at the diner, so we sat down right away!

The three of us have never tried Burma food, so we were really upset! It' a bag of baked potato and herbs! It' been my favorite food for this dinner! Satay Hähnchenspieß: The chickens were well spiced and delicious! It took a while for our food to arrive, even though we were the only one there!

In addition to the above mentioned meals we have also ordered the roasted quails. but the flesh was also dried. Well, my older sis was enjoying the roasted pig apéritif! We' ve also ordered the #10 noodlesauce. Oh, I really adore this restaurant in Burma. I' ve longed for food from Burma since I was presented by my friend's mother.

When you want something special, you have to allow the weekends to order the starter with acidic leaves (chin pairing kyaw). They can ask them to make it as a dish with paddy, and it will be a dish to keep in mind. First experiences with Burma kitchen in Cetana Mon. It is not that this has any influence on the qualitiy of their food or restaurants, but it would make the place look a little more pleasant or welcoming.

This is the place to be if you are looking for genuine Myanmar cuisine. It' not like the western-style model with watermelon or the western-style model with Myanmar food. It is a meal, not the Myanmar meal, traditional pasta and even the spicy gravy is just like at home. I had home-cooked food.

This food has made my self of steel and my friend of steel ill. It was grinded so far that it became cloudy in the stock, and there were no roasted gram on top. So I thought the lettuce was well balance with lots of leafs. And I also liked Myanmar's lactic tea: not too cute.

I' m glad I found this place. Order Tea lettuce (WOW) the best ever, Vegan Char Kway Teo (very thoroughly seasoned) and Mohinga (delicious). I' m not from Burma, so I' m not sure how it should be. It has a full flavour, but the pasta is overcooked and almost merged with the sop.

Myanmar food is trendy, we went to Oakland and back to SGV, it's always good. Easy meal with typical Burmesian home cooking. We' re ordering samosa, that was the roasted kind. Mohinga, which was the basis for catfish soups, is quite good. It is the protagonist of the whole dish of pasta.

This is a must. Also the roasted shallow pasta with prawns and smoked sausages were good. Some good food and good folks, hoping they'll have more food in the world. It is a great place to eat and I am very happy with the way the customers are treated. The Bayarkyaw, in English, roasted peas pies, we wanted to buy on New Year's Eve for New Year's Eve.

Kyay oh or the pig noodlesoup, coir noodlesoup, seafood stock, gingerbread lettuce, roasted red and white squid. Vegetable lettuce is really good, but a little too savoury, but we can let them know for less salt to adapt the outfits.

A small shop with tasty food and service. It is a good mixture of noodles, egg, sausages, prawns and green beans. Fry Ficy Fhrimp was tasty! Didn't have anywhere else and would definitely order it again next tim. The other things we ordered were also good - On Choy, mutton curry, spit-roasted pork, fried rice, mohinga.

Awesome food. It' been a long year since I missed eating Myanmar food at home. Favourite tealeaf lettuce with paddy platter! I' d never tried Myanmar food before and I' ve been there.

So I got a cup of tee and this prawn pasta that wasn't as hot as I had been expecting, because there was a little bit of black and white peppers next to the name. Storfry noodles are also a must!

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