Myanmar Flag Map

Burma Flag Map

Flag-map, ideal for presentations or backgrounds. A Burmese flag quiz/printout A flag quiz/colour print. Printout of a general map A general map of Myanmar (Burma) to print out. The Free Printable flag belongs to these categories: asia. Map of Papeles:Flag of Burma (Myanmar).


Map of Papeles:Flag of Burma (Myanmar).svg

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Myanmar flags from there and there.

It is the first flag of Burma (Myanmar) to be raised for the first time on January 4, 1948 at 4:25am! Do Bamar Assiayone flag (We-Burmans Association flag), as well as Myanmar's flag after the Japanese incursion. Initial notes show that this flag was raised in Yangon when Myanmar King Yangon repurchased from the British for 10 million Kyats in sterling (360,000 lbs or 163,293.25 kg silver).

It' has a backdrop of black and blue with a scarlet pepper that bites a twig of them. Mounted with a gold tip at the top of the bar. It was originally a flag 18ft high and 27ft broad. Early Mons raised this flag of gold Hinthar on lush foliage. Like that?

You will find our guesthouse at Thamine Buteryone Rd. 15, Mayangon Tsp, Yangon. Contacts: 15 Thamine Buteryone Road, Mayangon Tsp, Yangon, Myanmar. The tiger ist spezialisiert.f beach, betel-leaves, betel-nuts, cuttingch chinger, sea-products, overweight and overweight, produits agricoles, sucre, vaches de riz, peau et matériel de l'importation, produits laitiers... Adresse : No. 134(GF), Seik Kan Tha Street, Kyauktada Tsp, Kyauktada Tsp,Yangon Myanmar.

Are you looking for a Yangon? or Bagan hotels? Myanmar, the tropical country, is one of the most enigmatic yet interesting destinations in Southeast Asia. Burma is a country that has a wealth of culture, a loving nation and stunning scenery.

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