Myanmar Flag Change

Change Myanmar flag

Suggest changing the Burmese flag. I have just received word that the flag of our country has officially changed. That flag should belong to all the people of Myanmar. NLD will try to change it if we have the chance," she said. But svg flags usually appear blurry or are displayed incorrectly for smaller sizes.

Myanmar's new flag was first revealed last weekend.

Myanmar's new flag was first revealed last weekend. This new flag, provided for in the 2008 Constitution, has a centre asterisk on amber, blue and blue backgrounds. Old banners are lower by civil servants of governments borne on a Tuesday, while new banners are hoisted by civil servants borne on a Wednesday.

This flag's colour is official for the colours peaceful ness, pink solidarities and pink bravery. Burma also has a new name: It is now formally known as the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. She was formerly known as the Union of Myanmar. I have just been informed that the flag of our nation has formally altered.

I' M NOT HAPPY WITH THE NEW FLAG. The colour pattern is the same as for the flag of Lithuania minus the asterisk, although the colour tone is different. "It looks like inexpensive amateur bullshit from MS Paint" - my friend's words: not mine. awoolham: Yellow means as schwe (author's note: the Myanmar leader), verdant means money, scarlet means people's bleeding. ei_angel:

You can' change it yet. Dude, I loathe that flag. It looks like an ethnic or Ghanaian flag. So, has the name change to RUM (Republic of the Union of MM)? Thought it wouldn't change until all seven steps had taken place. Taiwan, with the flag in front of it, was the only flag that was like ours.

Ghana, Ethiopia, Lithuania, etc. awoolham: so good at counterfeiting, even when it comes to imitating banners. The 2008 treaty must come into effect before a new flag is born. Emperor in new dresses, with their new flag. They' re gonna have the land, too, one way or another.

Except for the flag the new flag looks exactly like the Shan state flag and not like a blank ring inside. It' a pity Than Shwe took another flag. I like the new flag: Partytime! Will Burma keep its flag when it struggles to remain above water in the marsh of the story?

I' m sorry, but why did the Lithuanian flag (yellow, black and red) get caught and cross it so inquisitively with Vietnam (star in the middle)? That flag does not even stand for the state. Is it a badge? They know that the great big square is also the only one on the colours of Myanmar's tatmadaw, marine, air forces and cop.

The flag represents only the military.

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