Myanmar Flag 2016

The Myanmar Flag 2016

Burma is an emerging market full of opportunities, but you need to know where to put your money when doing business in Myanmar Flag Myanmar Portal - History Portal - Years Portal - Icon 2010s Portal. Items and events especially for the year 2016 in Myanmar. Burma has a 5-4-2 formal education structure. September 28, 2016: Myanmar (MYA) Myanmar is ranked 35th (out of 136) of the countries currently eligible for the annual CFP review.

Myanmar flag and descriptions

Myanmar, the flag of Burma, was formally adopted on January 4, 1974. The reds, blues and whites symbolise bravery, freedom and cleanliness in this order. There' s a socialistic flag on the square. All the national flags here! A map of Burma (Myanmar) here! Page last update July 12, 2016.

Burma - Myanmar People

"Burma is a nation with seven pure Myanmar division (Sagaing, Mandalay, Magwe, Pegu, Irrawaddy, Rangoon, Tenasserim) and seven states with non-Burmese people ("Kachin, Chan, Kayah, Karen, Mon, Arakan, Chin"). Because of the variety of the people, no real achievement of the country's nationhood was made. Most likely, the banners shown here come from organisations involved in the fight against the Myanmar administration, as the design does not correspond to the "official" banners of the states as depicted in Burma 1974 stamp.

and the following races have registered flags: The flag (based on Crampton (1990), if I recall correctly) is the National United Front of Arakan (NUFA), the main army organisation of the state of Arakan, with more than two hundred ordinary troops, the Arakanese with some Chin and Rohingas.

Therakanese tribe counts about four million inhabitants and lives in the hilly west of Myanmar. There is a flag horizontally marked off as blank on top of it, and a scarlet flag in the blank part near the well. Arakan State flag, in a May 1982 Epistle from George Pasch to Thanh-Tam Le.

As for arakan: Kachin Independence Organization (KIO) has more than five thousand ordinary warriors. Kachin tribe numbers about two million inhabitants living in the most northern part of Myanmar. Same as above, but with strips of the same size and smaller logo. Name of the organization She is known as the Kachin National Organization or under her own KNO name.

Organisation Home: It' a state, and it' s supposed to be Cachinland. Organizational emblem: Historical ceremony sticks depicting males and females with a Harbinger drum. Organisation flag: It is a reddish over verdant ~5:9 color horizontally bicolored with large overall blanket. Karen (Republic of Kawtholei) to Franciae Vexilla #20/66, December 2000, by J. Renault & H. Calvarin.

Karenni Nation Progressive Party (KNPP) has 200 members (Kayaw, Kaya, Manamanaw, Shao, Pa-O and others). Number of Karenni is about 300,000. The Karenni flag is supposed to have strips of the same width, with a 12-pointed center 12-pointed stars and four frozen in an inner and four frozen in an outside world.

In' Franciae Vexillae' # 4/50 (January 1997) M. Corbic tells about the story of the Karenni flag as follows: 1983: Slightly different centre logo (see below). 1988: with three identical strips and slightly different emblems (see below). 1993: The last flag seen. There are three identical striped horizontally blue-white-red with a 5 pointed point stars near the lift in the strip.

Between the two districts there are 4 groups of 4 arches each (instead of 4 groups of 2 arches each). In the inner ring there are 4 fish ( instead of 4 frogs), which could symbolise Christianity. Absolutely no. 1 star: with a very thin dot.

The Foreign Minister Abel Tweed and the South Pacific Commissioner d'affairs recently sent me many documents and I redrawn the flag according to the document. There are three lines of orange, green and orange with the flag in the middle. The same flag is repeated several time, but twice as broad with the median strip.

One of the most important countries in the world is the United Karenni United States. It has four Fishes and four Toads and a twelve-pointed asterisk. The Irrawaddy News Magazine, November 2005, features the Mon Nations and Karenni National Progressive Party banners.

KNPP flag is totally different from the ones above. Lahu National Organization (LNO) has an armed force of 150 ordinary troops (100% Lahu, but from different Lahu groups). "The Lahu National Organization (Lahus) - Burma. "Same as above, but with equally high strips. Nickname: Flag of the Golden Drake Flying.

New Mon State Party (NMSP) has 3,000 members (mostly Mon). The Irrawaddy News Magazine, November 2005, features the Mon Nations and Karenni National Progressive Party banners. At the beginning of 1988 I was in Myanmar (Burma) and taught English for the New Mon State Party.

Once, while I was speaking with some friars, I was informed that the flag bore the name â??Arkâ?. It also tells the tale that they were later on the open sea when a flight of birds (shown on their flag) ended up on their canoe. Thus the vessels went in the directions from which the birds had come, and so the Mon came to Myanmar (Burma) for the first time.

And the most remarkable part I thought was that the fowl was named an ark. Arakan State flag, in a May 1982 Epistle from George Pasch to Thanh-Tam Le. Mon (called Talaing by the Burmese) were the predominant in Syria and were expecting the creation of a nation state under UK aegis.

Francie Vexilla told of another flag allegedly from Pegu, a Mon empire that according to Norie and Hobbs is indeed Ramanyadesa (capital Pegu), but Vexilologie 15 shows a similar flag that is ascribed to Sanove. Maybe the flag was raised by the Kingdoms of Talaings (Mon) when it was attached to Great Britain in 1825/26 (Talaing kingdoms, I believe that was the rest of the ancient Pegu kingdoms, and was minion to the Ava/Burma kings).

Palaung State Liberation Party (PSLP) has an armies of more than 500 ordinary warriors ((80% Palaung, 20% Kachin and Shan). Pa-O National Organization (PNO) has 300 members (90% Pa-O, 10% Shan, Kayah, Palaung and others). I saw a brief message on Catalan TV8 about the Amnesty International's denunciation of the Rohingya and Myanmar authorities last night.

An alleged Rohingya demo without caption was shown on the monitor for a few seconds and showed an unfamiliar flag, which must have come from a Rohingya organisation or a support organisation. It is Colombian (2:1:1) with the streak.

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