Myanmar Flag

The Myanmar Flag

Myanmar flag: National flag consisting of three equal horizontal stripes of yellow, green and red, with a central white star overlapping the three stripes. Myanmar's flag is bright and colourful and has a unique design. Like most other flags, there is a symbolism behind the design of this flag. High quality free icons of the flag of Myanmar. You can download free icons in various shapes and sizes of Myanmar's flag.

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Myanmar's present flag was adopted together with a new charter in 2010 and consists of three striped panels in the colours pink, blue, green as well as amber. There is a large five-pointed five-pointed flag in the centre of the flag. This flag was based on the Burmese flag from around the Second World War.

Amber stripes refer to human solidarities, greens represent the country's inherent richness, and reds recall the bravery of the indigenous peoples in wars. It symbolises the hopes for the oneness of all those who live in the land. However, the flag is not seen in a positive light by everyone; the present government's opponents, for example, see it as a sign of an attempt to force the assembly of grassroots rabble.

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Myanmar's flag is light and colourful and has a distinctive look. Like most other banners, there is a symbolic element behind the flag's desig. of Myanmar's flag are the three colours used in the designs. Myanmar's flag colours stand for solidity, tranquillity and peacefulness, for determination and bravery.

Myanmar's flag has four colours: amber, blue, black, red und so... This flag has three coloured ribbons of the same size. Top ribbon is amber, center ribbon is blue and bottom ribbon is amber. Above the three-coloured ribbons is a five-pointed point. The flag has been designed in 2010 and differs significantly from the previous version.

Myanmar's primal banners date from the time of Burmese resistance. When it was first used, the flag had a scarlet flag with a whitestar. Later in 1948, the flag was transformed into a square with a big five smaller starred flag with a big square with a big square.

While the big one represented the European Community, the smaller ones represented the most important ethnical groups. The flag was in use until 1974. A new flag was launched at that point. It was very similar in appearance, with a square in white and a square in white. But this new look contained 14 asterisks, which surrounded a icon with a cogwheel and a riceplant.

This was in 2006 when a new theme was suggested. It was very similar to the contemporary style except for the large and placed whitestar. In 2007, another theme was suggested to put a bigger whitestar in the middle.

The flag was added to the Constitutional Treaty and old banners were to be brought down and burnt by October 2010. The flag is still in use today. Colours reds, greens and yellows are traditional pan-African, and when the new Myanmar flag was adopted, it was misunderstood by many as the flag of an Africa state.

Some have criticised the flag's appearance and claimed that it resembles the flag of Lithuania. All the old banners were to be burned and discarded when the new flag was accepted.

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