Myanmar first Time

First Myanmar

Stuff you should know before visiting Myanmar! Burma LGBT Festival goes public for the first time video provided by AFP. This is the first time that young people have purchased the fire only in Myanmar. The geological history of the Ayeyawady River Delta mapped for the first time. A picture constantly reminds us of Myanmar's icon Aung La N Sang, which is supported by millions of people.

Guidebook to Myanmar (Burma)

It' time to go to Myanmar. There are six good reason to explore Myanmar by sea. Myanmar is rich in culture from the temple to the pagoda. Wounds over the Bagan pagoda and pagoda pits in a warm aeroplane for an unforgettable time. Myanmar's most beloved attraction, Lake Inle, is a huge and tranquil watershed with swimming pools and stilts.

The best Myanmar properties can be found in our latest Myanmar booklet. There are no direct connections between Australia and Myanmar with many stopovers in Singapore, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur. Burma is experiencing three distinct periods of the year, i. e. the heat, humidity and dryness. Usually the best time to visit is the drought with clear weather and mild temperature, but it is the most busy and costly time.

Please refer to our travel brochure for more information on when to come to Myanmar. ATM machines that accepts credit and debit card acceptors have only just begun to appear throughout Myanmar, but it is still a good idea to keep your money with you as they are not yet widely used. Enjoy the charms of Myanmar on one of our small group trips or take a look at our offer of personal itineraries.

Burma produces its first detoxifying potion

A Myawady Daily reported that the Ministry of Industry will produce the detoxifying potion for the first time this year. Myanmar used to use detoxifiers from abroad. Now Myanmar will produce the detoxifying potion for the first time at the Myanma Pharmaceutical Factory (MPF) (Insein) under the direction of the Ministry of Industry.

This detoxifying potion is produced according to the specifications of the Ministry of Health and Sports. It is used to treat seizures in persons who are dependent on heroine or other narcotics. "The Ministry of Health and Sports has ordered the 20 billion Ks in Methadoma. It'?s a fluid drug.

Once the production of the drug is complete, we will be selling it to the Ministry of Health and Sports," said U Ko Ko Ko Lwin, Hon. Sr. In order to be able to produce the drug, the drug's ingredients were ordered from abroad, especially from India, China and Germany.

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