Myanmar fire Department

Fire Department Myanmar

Yangon Myanmar Fire Department. Cancer department of the general hospital, said a firefighter. Myanmar Fire Services Department (FSD) is dedicated to protection. sd Myanmar Fire Services Department was live.

Myanmar Fire Meets Myanmar Hospitals, Patient on Stretcher Evacuates

A firefighter said there were no immediate reports of fatalities or lesions from the flame that began in a room in the cancers department of the Yangon Public Health Center. Ambulance teams took off some of the necessary devices while personnel were waiting in pitch-black hallways in other parts of the city. Approximately 60 stretcher and wheelchair users were evicted from the station, said Nothelfer Thet Lin.

"It ( "the fire") is in the cancers department. The firemen have not yet identified the cause of the fire, he added.

Fire brigade Myanmar purchases fire trucks with national credit

YANGON Fire Brigade will receive a 50 million euro grant from the Polisch authorities to buy 65 advanced fire trucks, the ministry said. "At the moment we had 11 fire trucks from Poland. A further 64 fire trucks will arrive this year. We', said an non-identified Myanmar Fire Department officer,'We will bring in the fire trucks as specific numbers in the countries and areas.

On 13 December, the Deputy Minister of the Interior, Major General Aung Soe, presented a draft for a EUR 50 million loan from the Polish Government to the Myanmar Fire Brigade to the Parliament of the Union. After conclusion of the bi-lateral treaty, the fire-fighting vehicles and fire extinguishers must be dispatched within one year.

It has 11,452 firefighters, 309,612 auxiliaries, 18,672 task forces and 3,295 fire-fighting vehicles and associated gear. On the occasion of the 50th commemoration of Firefighters' Day, the Union Minister of the Interior, Lieutenant General Kyaw Swe, said that a scheme for the joint use of fire-fighting vehicles and advanced plant purchased under Poland's ODA lending programme to the countries and territories concerned must be drawn up.

Second week of rubbish fire in Myanmar

Myanmar firemen crawled to extinguish a fire in a huge rubbish tip on the outskirts of their biggest town, Yangon, as foul-smelling fumes from the flaming rubbish, which wounded tens, spread into the second Saturday of the year. In Myanmar's trading centre, the fire has created a mist of mist and concern for the country's population.

This has expanded to almost a third of the 300 hectares of landfills in the north of the Yangon township of Thar-Yar. Fire-extinguishing bio-foam was exported from neighbouring Thailand and the government tried to generate synthetic rains to contain the spreading of fire during the high seasons. Meanwhile the agencies have controlled the fire, Myanmar Fire Department Assistant Warden Win Naing, Reuters, said it is hard to guess when it will be out.

Win Naing said that the cause of the fire had not yet been clarified. She was hospitalised twenty-six times and many suffer from poisoning. Burma has been seeking healthcare from the World Health Organization and other relief organizations, the state-run Global New Light of Myanmar said on Saturday. This also illustrates the increasing rubbish problems in Yangon, a town of more than 5 million inhabitants without a long-term disposal system.

The firemen described the challenge of fighting fire and fumes under burning temperatures without appropriate protection. The hardest hit were the inhabitants of Thar Yar Thar, one of Yangon's poorer neighbourhoods. It is home to ten thousand inhabitants in slums made of wood and plastics who have no direct contact with power, flowing waters and canals.

"The 65-year-old Tin Ohn, a Hlaing Thar Yar patient who is diabetic and also hospitalised for poisoning fumes, said, "I am feeling horrible because I can't breath and my legs were puffy and still a little swollen".

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