Myanmar Fighting

Fight Myanmar

The insurgent Karen groups also began to fight for independence. Myanmar: A Thousand Escape in Fighting between Armed Forces and Kachin Insurgents | World Press Releases In the remotest part of the United States, tens of millions of people have escaped fighting between Myanmar's armed forces and insurgent nationalites. Over 4,000 refugees have been driven out in the last three week in the northernmost state of Kachin near the Chinese frontier, said Mark Cutts, UN Director of the Coordination of Humanitarian Issues (OCHA), on Friday.

"We' ve heard stories from grassroots organizations that there are still many still in civilian traps in areas of conflict," Cutts said. These figures do not contain about 15,000 refugees since the beginning of the year and more than 90,000 refugees in both Kachin and Shan states since a cease-fire between the Kachin Independence Army and the mighty Kachin rebels collapsed in 2011.

The OCHA was not able to check the report that a civilian was murdered in the fighting. No Myanmar administration spokesperson has been called. On Friday, the US ambassador in Yangon said on Facebook that she was "deeply worried about the increased fighting in the state of Kachin, which compelled tens of thousand persons to flee".

"It is our demand that all factions stop fighting. We encourage the authorities, as well as the armed forces, to provide protection for the civil population and to provide human aid to those affected by the conflicts," told the Swiss postal service..... Besides the Rohingya crises in the west of mainly Buddhist Myanmar, the conflict-ridden northern part of the county has also led to encounters with other minority groups, which seldom make the news.

Kachin, who mainly reside in the northernmost state of the land, account for more than 6% of Christians in Myanmar, the second biggest religion after the Buddhists, according to the Myanmar population. Aung San Suu Kyi, the country's de facto head, said that when she took up her post in 2016 after a decade of armed government, it was a matter of urgency.

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