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Fiber optics really have almost unlimited bandwidth as to how fast and much information can be sent through them. A MYANMAR FIBER OPTIC COMMUNICATION NETWORK. Our company supplies manufacturers of electrical and telecommunications equipment with fiber optic cables and high-speed equipment used in the telecommunications infrastructure. The Myanmar Posts and Telecoms (MPT). - Na[onal backbone : Fiber connection between main Ci[es.

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The Welink Queen! Myanmar Place, exhibition room, 2. attic. I use Weink Fiber Internet for 2 month now and the rate I get from Weink Fiber is good for the cash and I hardly ever experience Internet failure from them. I' ve been switching from YTP for 2 month...... before.... I like the cost of Weink fiber, the performance is good.

WLOOK Fiber offers higher speed fiber at an economical cost. I' ve had one Internet failure. It' the best goddamn thing I ever had. Installing and servicing went very smoothly! Special thanks to Ko Kaung Zaw Htoo, Sales Manager of Weink Fiber. I' d suggest Weink Fiber to anyone looking for an accessible and dependable Internet access in Yangon's serviced areas.

I' m a Weink client since more than 2 month and the install was done within the agreed period. There' s been no downtime, so it's an outstanding performance and stableness. Can I monitor 720p WC18 games without delay at 5Mbps speeds. In comparison to my former provider, Fortune and Speednet, WeLink is the best option when it comes to services, reliability and a reasonable cost.

Beautiful and sturdy joint. The installer repairs the wire as quickly as possible if an error occurs. Although they miss....ed their pledged time line for fiber-optic Internet install to my home and lagged for 4 working nights I think, but it's ok. It' s very sluggish when you are downloading something like an application or movie, but very quick when you' re on the stream.

Best of all, I don't have to cover the costs of fiber optic cables. Some other FTTH services require almost 100000 KS for fiber optic cables of 50m and longer. Thanks Myanmar GT Broadband. You know, the way you handle your customers is really horrible. It is very hard for me to use the Internet before welding.

Wasn' Line? Attractive customer support, but no solid pin for games. Uploadpeed Upload speeds not poor. Wasink Fiber Internet Line is a very good link, because this line is stackel-happy. Good qualitiy and a reasonable cost for a very long period of the year. It is important to maintain this level of customer care and commitment.

Excellent connections and services. but they' re going to take urgent care of me and thank everyone. Yeast weeks my house left is missing, but they are arranging for watches championship urgent and thank you! Connectivity is strong and downtime is minimal. Guelink animations.

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