Myanmar Fertility Rate

Burma Fertility Rate

Demographics forecast for Myanmar -. Myanmar Republic Health and Sport. Overall fertility rate (per woman). A list of Myanmar townships by total fertility rate. Pyinmana Institute of Agriculture, The Union of Myanmar.

In Myanmar, the number of newlyweds gives mother to an estimated five babies.

YANGON, Myanmar - While the overall fertility rate in Myanmar is 2.5 per female and at the level of the ASEAN mean, new and more detailled figures tell a completely different story: In Myanmar, the number of newlyweds gives rise to an estimated five babies. In Chin, the number of newlyweds in the world is nine on December 31, while in Yangon it is four.

Results are from the thematic report on the 2014 population and housing census in Myanmar. The fertility rate is strongly affected by geographic and socio-economic determinants, as well as the educational levels of mothers. Juvenile births are 33 per 1,000 females between 15 and 19 years of age, with the highest birth rate in Shan and Chin.

The birth s of very young girls is a cause for alarm, not least because it has negative effects on both mothers and children. "It exposes the plight of those who seek to look after large homes. This shows the fragility of a woman who does not have the desired contraceptive methods.

It also shows that an unusually high percentage of Myanmar residents never get remarried. 12 percent stay unmarried at the aged of 50. That is the second highest value in Southeast Asia after Singapore (13 percent). Burma has more than four as many unmarried wives as Laos and more than twice as many as Vietnam and Cambodia.

The average lifespan for a woman who marries is 23.6 years at her first wedding, compared to 21.3 years in 1973. Myanmar has low levels of divorce: 3 percent of men and 2 percent of woman are either diorced or separate. Key results of the 2014 Myanmar Population and Housing Census were released in May 2015.

It is one of the first in a number of 13 publications on fertility and marriage. They analyze the relationships between different dates and provide insight into what the figures say about people's life in Myanmar. Censuses were taken by the Myanmar government.

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