Myanmar Female Names

Burmese Female Names

The Burmese names may sound confusing to foreign ears because they do not pass on their family names. Locate the best Burmese girl names. Feminine names often have a double syllable (e.g. Lin Lin Lin Lin Aung).

The Government of Myanmar appoints the first Cabinet Minister. Myanmar open source list of (Burmese) names for male and female names.

Favourite Myanmar Baby Girl First Names

Here is a listing of Myanmar's first names that are used in Myanmar and 100 other countries and mainlandas. When you can't see a first name of a Myanmar girl from the roster, why not try another roster of first names with a different first name. Select a first name from the dropdown menu to see more detail and information about each first name.

Each first name includes the country in which these names are loved, their origins and meaning. Select a character for other first names of Myanmar Girl. Favourite baby names in Burma. Favourite baby first names by country starting with A.

Myanmar Baby Girl Names

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Burma appoints first cabinet secretary

In Myanmar, a physician is the first female cabinet secretary. On his website, President Thein Sein said Myat Myat Ohn Khin was nominated Secretary of State for Humanitarian Affairs, Aid and Refuge. It is one of the 11 new EU leaders who have been nominated to fill positions that were filled in a large cabinet last months.

There are other female cabinet members who are deputies. These nominations added four civilian members to the administration, increasing their share to a quarter of the 36-strong cabinet, which is still ruled by pensioned-officials. The cabinet reshuffle last months was widely seen by Thein Sein after he took over last year as a step towards consolidating clout.

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