Myanmar Favorite Food

Favourite Myanmar food

Shan Noodle & Food House: This is my favourite Myanmar dish! They are often dipped in tea or coffee like a light savory and served with congee or Myanmar's favourite fish and noodle soup, mohinga.

This is my favourite Myanmar food! - Résitvion by The Shan Noodle & Food House, Nyaungshwe, Myanmar

Wonderful pasta at unbeatable prizes! It' a traditional lunch, but I'd order it any time! Come in and order a tray of shan pasta and spaghetti lettuce. The appetizer was roasted bean curd, very lightweight and yummy. We served with our dinner curried toofu, roasted meat, bean sprout lettuce and sop.

When you are looking for good food, very cheap, this is a place that is also highly appreciated by the people. Your food has Myanmar flavor. It' been a marvellous flavor for me, for a character who is enjoying Myanmar food. Have you been to the Shan Noodle & Food House?

Myanmar's favorite food

Myanmar's borders, especially India, China and Thailand, have affected Burma's cuisines. What a pleasure it was to try out all the astonishing offers. The first time we got to Myanmar, we had no clue what to eat. Myanmar has no lack of good food from north to south.

If you are travelling to Myanmar and want to try some of the food we had, there is a restaurantlist at the end of this blogs. Crispy roasted baked coffee leaves are blended with crispy roasted coffee and onions. This was one of our favorite foods in all of Myanmar.

This is another meal we tried in the Golden Pagoda in Canada, where the meal was cooked with potato. Myanmar was a country with a wealth of spices and flavours. Prepared with minced onion, chilli and olive oils and garnished with hot toffu. It' a meal I look forward to when I get home.

One of our favorite restaurants in Saskatoon, Canada is Golden Pagoda. There we got our first sample of Burma cuisine. Serving an astonishing amount of homemade grain we always order, we were glad they remained faithful to Myanmar's cuisine. Fleecy white raice, blended with crushed coconuts and a little sweet.

Yes, but Myanmar is such a crucible that these foodstuffs are also part of Burma's civilization, and we are grateful for that. Mix the sun-dried Tomato with peanut, a dash of olive and chopped onion. It' always fresher and always tastier.

Go along any road in Myanmar and you will probably discover a small man from India with a handheld manufacturer of samozas. During our 3 week stay in Myanmar we tried many different types of samsas. Favourite was in a small teashop in Kalaw, where we were enjoying boundless teas and deep-fried treats that kept popping up until we said "please, no more".

Our bill came to $2 for us 3 You can find a large selection of sweets all over Myanmar, so if you have a fond memory but are not sure what the secret of this pack is, continue reading. They are also found blended with shredded chilli and darkesame.

This is such a cute pleasure, and something I would like to give away for Halloween (if I could ever find it in Canada). When you' re loving sweets and sours, you will like these thin slices that are melting in your mouth. It' a taste! Shan Ma Ma Ma Ma is a great little place in Mandalay where you can eat whatever you want.

You have a large selection of tasty home-made meals, from potato salads, butter beans, maize, toofu, and more. You' re bringing some free meals, so be cautious how much you order from the menue. You also have JAGGESGERY in a glass at each desk, so you can try it before you choose to buy a whole can.

Tasty, cheesy southern lndian food. Here we tried the cute, aromatic toffu. Also, we were enjoying barbecued cloves of cloves, olives and freshly pressed watermelons and oranges. Approximately $5 in all for 3 to 4 meals and beverages. Slightly more expensive but still tasty, Kaung Htat is in Bagan.

They' ve dined all our favorite lettuces. When you ask for Myanmar food, you will receive all the delicious side orders that come with Burma food for $1.

Eating in Myanmar is one of our favorite foods. and we found the food in Burma to be very greasy.

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