Myanmar Fashion Photo

Burma Fashion Photo

Associated pictures: Mrs. burma myanmar asia people. " Most of the fashion photos I have weren't meant for public use. According to H&M, his factories in Myanmar had problems with ID cards and overtime schedules. What made you rush to Myanmar for fast fashion brands?

"Fashion in Burma is either too traditional or outdated.

The Myanmar fashion designers make a splash abroad

In addition to presenting proven Asiatic design, Malaysia Fashion Week, which takes place in Kuala Lumpur every year, is devoted to the discovery of the next wave of talents from across the area. The Myanmar based artist Ahlatt Lumyang is such a talented one. At this year's Mercedes-Benz Stylo Asia Fashion Week, which took place from November 5 to 7 in Malaysia, the young fashion house presented its Alpa collections alongside Malaysian and more than 60 design professionals from 18 Asiatic states.

"It was the first show of my work outside Myanmar and there was a lot at stake because it was a great opportunity to present my new line internationally," said Lumyang, who has been drawing the fashion industry's eye since graduating from the Metropolitan South Institute of Tafe, Australia, in 2012.

He has 11 full looks, all of which are based on classic Achei and Canoks. I have been enchanted by Canok fabrics and their rich color and texture for this series. However, to create a show for an overseas fashion show is no small job, and Lumyang says he fought to get the line ready on it.

"When I was asked to attend this year's exhibition, I was very nervous, but it was also a stress event, as it was already the busyest part of the year for me and my group.

"It was difficult for me to find the right look - five of the girls didn't show up until the right date because they were doing other shows, so it was difficult to get the look I wanted," he added. In spite of the set-backs, Lumyang's range caused a sensation on the runway with its unmatched range of marine greens and modern use of conventional materials.

"When you create a line for an internationally acclaimed show like this one, it's not just about making 11 looks that are different. As Lumyang says, his experiences have given him an idea of the fashion sector abroad and the challenge he faces at home. The Malaysian Fashion Week has a clear mission to discover young talents and expose them to a worldwide marketplace.

You firmly believe that fashion crosses a country's borders," he said, and added that he wants to exchange his experiences with other Myanmar design people. "Our sector in Myanmar faces major issues at all levels of the delivery pipeline. The Myanmar designer should have the opportunity to be successful for both the fashion store and the nation's economy," he said.

The Mercedes-Benz Stylo Asia Fashion Week takes place in Malaysia every year to support the fashion world.

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