Myanmar Famous places

Burma Famous Places

Some of the places to visit include Bagan, Shan State, Ngapali and more. Best places in Myanmar (Burma). Let's visit Myanmar's famous places within a day. It was a popular mountain station in British times and is still a peaceful and quiet place. Big savings on hotels in P├Ękon, Myanmar online.

Pindaya on a journey to Burma (Myanmar)

They will give you ideas about what is possible when you are travelling in Pindaya and they show tours that we know work especially well. Use them as a source of ideas, because your journey will be designed by one of our experts. It' a great way for the first Myanmar visit and provides a quick overview of the most important attractions.

This route begins in the former capitol Yangon before heading inland to visit the splendid temple of Bagan. Sailing in a cycled fashion through the countryside to follow the national timetable, the route continues to Bagan, Mandalay and the beautiful city of Pindaya to Inle Lake with its quiet stilt towns and interesting local market.

Discover all the important Myanmar attractions and some of the less popular but also fascinating areas.

Burma bucket list: Guidebook to explore the best of Myanmar

Burma is one of the places I ask everyone to come earlier rather than later. Burma is a land of astonishing peoples, a powerful and lively civilization, with such a rich and diversified scenery. Whilst organizing a journey here can be mind blowing, here is our ultimative Myanmar Buckets guides to make sure you don't miss anything while in this up-and-coming tourist resort.

Editor's note: Please feel free to load down our free Myanmar Bucket List Guide checklist at the end of this article! Anyone who travels to Myanmar must travel to Bagan! It is one of our favourite places in Southeast Asia between the larger-than-life experiences of seeing the rising star of the day over the many marshes and the unbelievable amount of historical and cultural events that can be experienced.

If you have a little more money to spend, we suggest that you pamper yourself and enjoy the warm aeroplane. Yangon, formerly known as Rangoon, is the bustling town that takes Myanmar into the 21 st cent. with its classy hotel, fine arts gallery and lively historical heritage.

There' s so much to see and do in Yangon, while you can just do most of it yourself, I suggest you get a tour leader to see things like the sightseeing tour so you can get an insight into how most of Myanmar's population lives and moves around.

There are many different types of guides offered by Flymya. Mandalay looks like a bustling town, but it's definitely a good idea to spend a days or two in our book, because Mandalay is home to some of the most famous places in Myanmar.

We have a few of our Must Do's in Mandalay from the famous U-leg bridges to Mandalay Hill. So if you are enjoying the excitement of living off the beaten track, we suggest you add it to your itinerary! Allowing us to see the genuine and jagged parts of Myanmar as we woven through our way through our native communities and host families.

As I could talk slightly further and further about the many sights in Myanmar, I have the things I have enumerated above the most important highpoints. I would like to emphasize, however, that although Myanmar is a place that has many nice things to see, the actual high point for me was the community interact.

Hopefully this pail chart will help you limit the possibilities you have in this lovely land.

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