Myanmar Famous Food

Burma Famous Food

The Mohinga - the most popular breakfast dish in Myanmar! Myanmar 10 fingers licking good food to taste Myanmar's cooking is straightforward but very varied, inspired by the intersecting flavors of the 100 ethnical groups that call the land home and the five lands that divide its boundaries. Whilst it is not hard to conclude that some of Burma's more famous cuisines are similar to those in neighboring India or China, the people of Burma have instilled their own taste and service styles that make these as their own.

Ngar Hta Min is an excellent Shan food, a tasty fish-tomato ice cream or fish-rice pie - a comfortable food that is best served on wet evening or at night in the mountains. It is a basic meal made from a mix of pre-cooked tomatoes, seafood, rices and potato, together with cloves of chili and seafood-oils.

People from Burma take their teas very seriously. Also, it is not just a cup of coffee - every proper stand has a range of treats - sugared flatbread, roasted pakora, brittle, fried cane, buthi kyaw (pieces of pumpkin, roasted dough) and others - topped off with the cakes.

It is made of dough from riceflour in a specific form of ferrous material. In Myanmar on a warm summer evening, an icecream desert can't be too far from your mind. Like Chendol from Indonesia, Shwe Yin Aye is cooked with stewed glutinous white paddy rices, coir milky gels, tappioca seed, coir milks, sugars, bread and ices.

It can be eaten with various combination of kelp, agar-agar, handicotose, etc. Locally prepared sets are not just a convenience dinner, but an adventure in itself. There is a lightly greasy sour cream cheese with a choice of chickens, seafood, mutton, veal, veggies or pig meat, a dish of lentils and six side dish of veggies (potatoes, pumpkins, orkra, favaines, foliage, tomatoes salads, etc.) and a chilli pepper and chilli clove.

I had the best food in Myanmar at the Ma Mae Ning Restuarant in Bagan. It' s run by a Myanmar hostess who is proud to present her portrayal of Aung San Suu Kyi, who once went to her dining room. Hearty seafood broth that is undoubtedly the country's final morning casserole.

Myanmar offers a tasty and tasty noodlesoup, available almost everywhere in Myanmar. It is a literally seafood broth boiled with seafood, pâté and sauces. When you are bothered by the scent of seafood, cut your nostrils and have them.

Traditionally a typical Myanmar dessert inspired by India's dessert grains, these pies are available on the roads. Besides grains, coir milk/cream, eggs, cardoon and sugars, these pies are also prepared and sprinkled with poppies. In the Shan area, more favourite, it is made up of shallow pasta in a tasty stock with grated chickens or pigs, a sprinkle of roasted lemon peel with olive and marinated veg.

It' also eaten without broth like a vegetable lettuce. Other places to get a big dish are 999 Shan Noodle House in Yangon and Pyae Pyae in Kalaw. Food in Myanmar is often modest. Including the whole palette of Thoke (Burmese salad) - easy, but delicious and top-health.

Its most abundant lettuce is lettuce of tomatoes and groundnuts, followed by lephet thoke or marinated tea-leaf lettuce, which is probably better known outside Myanmar. Some other thoke are gin thoke, or gingerbread lettuce, which is made from grated lettuce and gin, roasted chickpeas powders, roasted peas, roasted peas, myin kwa yuet thoke, which mixes pennyword sheets, tomatoes, groundnuts, cloves and lemonjuce. And Shan toofu thoke (tofu here is a missnomer), which is made from chickpeas purée with a texture of toffu.

The easiest of all is probably a lettuce of germinated whole green pea with minced tomato and onion with a shot of citrus. Fresh and fresh, this jar of yogurt can be a very efficient coolant when the burma sun gets overheated. Like the Indian lassi, the people of Burma have their own versions of this beverage, in which the sugars are substituted by hand glucose syst.

Don't be shy to try some add-ons like fondant chocolates, glutinous rices or shredded coconuts. Caution! The basic content of sugars is quite sugar-sweet. The next mate to tell you that Myanmar's kitchen is like India or China, take it with you to discover the kitchen with a refreshing view.

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