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Family Tours in Myanmar

With Inside Burma Tours Fully Tailored Journeys you have a wonderful, relaxing and safe family holiday in Burma (Myanmar). Myanmar Adventure Family Tailor-made itinerary / adventure tour. This is your chance to discover the best of Myanmar together as a family. For private tours, transfers and all services mentioned in the itinerary, contact Stubborn Mules for an exciting family vacation in Burma. You family has a common holiday in Myanmar (Burma), why not take some ideas from our Myanmar Family Tours and plan a trip?

Family Tours Myanmar, Myanmar Family Tours, Family Tours Myanmar

Burma is perfect for a great holiday for the whole group. Kids have little inhibition and quickly overcome linguistic and educational obstacles, especially in Myanmar, where kids are much-loved. Myanmar is one of the most beautiful places in Myanmar where you can see the beautiful buddhistic temple, the beautiful natural environment and the Myanmar people.

It is a very relaxed journey especially for the whole group. The Myanmar holiday for your host families begins in Yangon, the economical capitol of the state. In 8 and a half day you and your hosts will have the most memorable time in Myanmar, the land of buddhistic temple and stupa. Hello Mrs. Diu, I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful journey in Myanmar!

Please let me know for which other country you have tailor-made trips.... maybe we can do another one next year. Thanks, WHY MYANMAR TOUR WITH US?

Family Tour Myanmar

Burma is a mystical land in Southeast Asia perfect for making adventures for the whole of your host families. If you are a member of a group, you can visit the best places of interest and all the major tourist sites in the land, from the beautiful nature to the buddhistic shrines, as well as enjoy particular events such as a warm aerial flight over the wide plain of Bagan, visit some of the locals, a boat trip on the beautiful Inle Lake, cycle through the landscape or a meal with the group.

Burma has the capacity to provide beautiful architectural design, the breathtaking scenery and the wealth of civilization to truly astound for a marvelous stay in the state. Burma has many funny and fascinating places to see all over the land and can discover the high points within seven nights, while a more relaxing ten to fourteen day trip can take place.

This is a well-planned Myanmar tourist destination with the aim of balance the activity and keep the kids busy at all time. Every journey can involve hilarious activity and a variety of landscapes, which includes treasure hunt, boat trips, hiking, cycling and canoeing. You can also take a guided trek with an expert host who will not only show you the best places of interest and attraction, but also tell you the intriguing tales of our country's people.

Myanmar families can combine a great mixture of sight-seeing, cultural and adventurous experiences. Visiting Myanmar for 7 or 14 days is a good opportunity to discover this lovely land and to see the most visited places like Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay, Kalaw and Inle Lake.

Much of Myanmar's travel packages begin in the town of Yangon, which has many of the most spectacular monuments, such as the National Museum, the Kyaukhtatgui Pagoda and the gold Shwedangon Pagoda, as well as some of the most famous monuments, churches and cloisters. In Yangon, it is rewarding to take a sightseeing trip to observe the local people in their everyday lives while tasting some of the local cuisine.

Yangon, like many other places in Myanmar, has many photographic options, so you want to be sure to take your camcorder to record your next treasured remember. Several places you can see on a daily excursion from Yangon, such as Twantay, which is easy to reach on a comfortable outing.

There is also a large potter town, Shwesandaw Zedi and a small fair in Twantay. The Shan Hills area is a great place for your extended adventures, with many mountains, scenic ponds and dozy towns. It is also great pleasure to discover this area by bicycle and boating to enjoy the most genuine travelling time.

Trekking to an elphant preserve in Kalaw will delight the adventuresome familiy and allow them to see the retiring animals in a sheltered area. Another stop on your Myanmar vacation is a trip to the antique town of Bagan with its thousand of antique shrines and cloisters.

Besides a bike ride through the dotted plains of the pagodas, you can also bike through the village and see handicrafts such as handicrafts such as palm sugars and many other handicraft and grocery products. If you want a breathtaking panoramic look at the Bagan Temple, the whole host families can take a ride in a warm aeroplane over the temple, which can be unforgettable but also a little overpriced.

andalay is a great place to see and discover with the whole host families with its intriguing indigenous market and other inns. The Mandalay is a historic symbol with many sights for the whole Mandalay community, such as the Mandalay Palace, the Sulamani Pagoda, the Shwenandaw Monastery (Golden Palance), the Kyauktawgyi Pagoda and the Mahamuni Pagoda.

Cycling through the Mandalay landscape is ideal for those who want to devote less and less leisure to visit the churches and monasteries, making it really simple to get out of the bustling town and see some of the quiet towns on the outskirts. Just a few minutes from Bagan, Mandalay is within 30 minutes by plane from the old town.

Among the most dramatic attractions on the Myanmar tour is Lac Inle, which is best discovered on a cruise past many towns with traditionally stilted houses. One great place for the whole hosts to spend the night in an intimate atmosphere in Inle is a lakefront resort overlooking the calm water with a wide view.

As well as the route you plan, a guided trip with your hosts might involve free day to give you more free day to see and discover the most interesting things. You can also adapt the guided walks for families to accommodate more nature, culture or adventures. A longer stop in a area like Bagan makes it possible to devote more of your free day to discover the antique town while enjoying the unforgettable ballooning over the Stupa and Shrine.

It is a very instructive and interesting kind of trip for families, although the deeper visits can be organized for every part of the state.

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