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The Myanmar Family and perceptions

A lot has been said about the Myanmar home for the family that it is basically a relation built on particular obligations and accountabilities of husbands, wives, families and descendants. Family in Myanmar is founded on the principles of charity and honour, and on the principles of human dignity, regardless of religion. However, there is another fundamental factor that holds a family together, although it has not received much attention.

This is the loving and humorous part of Myanmar's family lives. There hasn't been much said about the joy and laugh a family in Myanmar has had. Myanmar's capacity to look at the easier, if not funnier side of our lives is transferred into the family connection.

Kids call their dad "Phay Phay" or "Ah Phay" or "Daddy", in the village sometimes "Aba". Myanmar family will have lunches and dinners at a round roundtable. They are thrifty when they are not rich and make sure that the kids get the lion's share. What's more, they can help their family. Dad is teasing one or the other child.

Burmese kids can be roguish and intentionally let a cat out of the sack. Wherever there is a lack of knowledge and money, there may be some kind of corporal penalization in poor houses where the parent is unaware and under some monetary pressure, but absolute bodily or spiritual abuse of the child is seldom. It may be that there are teardrops, but there is also humor and love.

Burmese kids are educated to care for and honor their mothers. However, they may like all kids, sometimes "talk" to their mum and dad and are sassy. However, the kids are not afraid of their mothers. All Myanmar's peoples consider all of them" Yadana", that is a sweetheart, but there is a game with the words that exhorts them not to be" Ya - dar - nar", that means" unhappy to have had you".

BirthsIf a wife has given Births, it is common for her boyfriends and coworkers to give presents such as a bottle and attire. Presents should never be given before the child is given, as some wives are superstition that this will be bad luck for the newborn. Throughout the year, in some homes, when a young lady is reborn, after 7 nights of childbirth, her family members drill pierced ears with gold needles and let it go for her to greet the young lady with riches and well being.

A number of old family members do not let the mothers leave the home within 45 working hours of giving birth. 2. WeddingsWhen you go to a Myanmar marriage, you can give appropriate presents depending on the location and the lives of the family. It' also a good way to give money so that the two can buy the things they need to live together.

Funerals Burial is still customary in Myanmar, but cremations are also carried out. When you are notified of a friend's deaths, it is necessary to write a note or wire if you are not able to see the deceased's family or participate in the burial. The omission is an insult to the family of the dead man.

As a rule, a donation is made if the family of the dead person is underpaid. ReligionsMost Myanmar are Buddhists of the Theravada Current. In Buddhist beliefs, the final goal in living is to avoid the circle of reincarnation and attain nirvana. There' s also worship of the Nats or those in Myanmar.

It is thought that they are exceedingly mighty beings who help man. SuperstitionSome Myanmar residents, especially those from the countryside, have many superstitious beliefs. Do not go under a bar or cable where once wives dried their Longyi. The traditional Myanmar woman is not belligerent and usually plays second violin to her men.

The expectation of a woman is that she will help with the housework and take more of a concern for her old folks than for men. In society, single and bachelor couples are more likely to intermingle with same-sex couples. Like in all Asiatic civilizations, Myanmar respects older than them.

Losing "face" is a serious issue among the Myanmar population. If two Myanmar entrepreneurs are meeting for the first meeting, there is a chance that the transaction will not be thoroughly mooted. It is generally simpler for Asians to interact with Myanmar entrepreneurs than for Westerners.

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