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An extensive source of information about DHL Myanmar. Main page > Countries > Myanmar. Burma facts, Myanmar information, Myanmar climate, Myanmar geography. Myanmar has a variety of tourist attractions depending on its geographical diversity. Yangon (the main gate to Myanmar).

9 interesting facts about Myanmar

In January 2015 we stayed 3 week in Myanmar and immediately fallen in touch with the world. Burmese were very inquisitive about us aliens, but very kind and inviting. Besides the Burmese, here are our favorite sights and interesting facts that have stayed with us. Yangon Aung Sang Siu Kee is the top-selling Myanmar opponent who has been under international repressive detention by the Yangon army for most of 1989-2010 and has become a Nelson Mandela-like nationalite.

Before our journey we knew nothing about Myanmar and saw the Luc Besson movie "The Lady" about Aung San Suu Kyi's live to find out more. Apparently, during the tougher Burma's junta regime there was a danger that Aung San Suu Kyi's name would be spoken out in the open and you would be detained and taken to aprisonment.

While now in Myanmar the lady is everywhere: most of the places we went to eat out, showed photos or a calendar of her. Myanmar's striking "Thanaka" is a face cream made of abrasive tonic with the rind of a specific species of Myanmar native plant. We saw many such reds on the streets and sidewalks in Myanmar:

and a few Myanmar men had tooth redness like this one ( "who was selling us our squeezed sucrose in Yangon"): Many men in Myanmar are chewing walnuts and tobaccos all days and spit out the scarlet residues every few mins ( "don't ingest them.")

However, not all Myanmar men have dracula like colored dentures. As an example, this cutie waitress in Kalaw was a brilliant example for the beautiful toothed Myanmar men who don't spend all afternoon chewing betel nuts and tobacco: It' one of a kind in Myanmar and really adorable. He was shyer when it came to using this enchanting way to get in touch with Myanmar waiters:

Most men of all age in Myanmar carry Longyi everywhere. It reminds us of many Southern Asia such as India and Sri Lanka, where the older generation in particular carry Longyi. When men don't carry Longyi, they instead carry narrow, trendy denim, like these guys in Shwezigon in Bagan:

Burma is made up of many different ethnical groups and peoples, each with their own distinct tradition. Even the long-necked Kayan wives in East Myanmar are wearing brassy neckbands around their throats from an early age. 3. Only 7 banknotes: no coin! Like Mongolia, Myanmar is a coinless country.

Visit Myanmar in January 2015, when $1 brought you 1,000 Kieats (and £1 by 1,500). That was almost not possible because nobody had anything smaller than a 50 K. grade. However, just at the last minute, before we wanted to get out of Myanmar at Yangon International Airfield, we were able to get our 1-Kyat grade (along with a 10 and 20-Kyat grade):

Burma was the only place we've ever travelled to where your phone's mobile phonecard doesn't work. Burma is evolving so fast that hopefully this will change by the reading point. Of course you can buy a locally available smart cards, which is a good idea, as most WIFI points in Myanmar were some of the slower ones we saw on our trips around Asia.

9th Filmfestival Madness! People in Burma enjoy their celebrations and every months there is at least one party to be had. Also, because we are fond of nasty ruses, here is the schedule that starts with the April Aquatic Day to commemorate Burma's New Year: - April: the Thuringyan Waters Shaping Fest to highlight the New Year and purge you of nasty ghosts to begin the New Year.

  • May: the Bo River Irrigation Feast, when the holy Bodhi Trees of the Enlightenment are irrigated to honor them. - July: the Robe Offering Festivals, which marks the beginning of Buddhist fast. - August: the Taungbyon Nat Festivals near Mandalay, when tens of thousand of believers come together to venerate the ghosts. - September: the regatta race, an old tradition from the time of the former Myanmar-king.
  • October: the feast of light at the end of Buddhist Lent. - November: the Kahtein Thingan sacrificial feast, when Buddhist friars are given new attire. The New Year for the Karen state (southeast Burma) and other Nat feasts in honour of the ghosts. - February: the Thanksgiving celebration, where a lot of "hta ma nae" (sticky brown bread served with peanut, lemon and ginger) is made.

A pagoda festival that focuses on the mothers of all pagodas: the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon. View our Myanmar trip movie as we drove from Mandalay to Bagan, Inle Lake and Yangon:

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