Myanmar facts

Burma facts

A map of Burma (also known as Myanmar). Let us influence your planning before you go on a trip to Myanmar. No wonder Myanmar is considered the Golden Land. Its official name: Union of Myanmar. Now that Myanmar is gradually opening up, it is time to visit the city, and the best way to do this is to inform yourself and be prepared in advance.

Key and interesting facts about Myanmar

A third of Myanmar's 1,930 km (1,200 miles) circumference is a continuous coastal line along the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea. It' the fortyth biggest state in the whole wide globe and the second biggest in Southeast Asia. Burma is a land full of precious stones, jades, oils, natural gases and other minerals.

According to the HDI (Human Developement Index), Myanmar had a low degree of growth from 2013, placing it in 150th place out of 187 states. Irrawaddy is Myanmar's longest watercourse and runs for almost 2,170 kilometers into the Gulf of Martaban. The Swedagon Gold of Myanmar (Yangon) is a gold icon of Myanmar, the ancient Buddha is 2500 years old, his myth was created before the Buddha deceased.

The Swedagon is 98m high and many smaller turrets are nearby, where many holy Buddhist gems can be saved. Though there are many battles and disasters, Swedagon is still one of the biggest Buddhist monasteries in the whole wide globe. It is more than 200 km from Yangon, Golden Rock's at an elevation of 1,100 meters, with small Kyaiktyo pagoda a singular reliquary.

The Golden Rock is known for its prominent and golden finish. To get to Kyaiktiyo you must cross the Golden Rock. But only men can get near the Golden Rock, a woman only from a distance. The Shwezigon Goldentempple, the second biggest in Myanmar, was constructed in the year 12. centr.

It is forbidden for expectant ladies to do and eat certain things. Myanmar has a strain in which all females specifically extend the throat by 25-30 cm. In the area of Myanmar (and Thailand) live the trunk Pandaung. Trunk phadaung have an old custom - this trunk wore ring around their throat.

There' s a legend that the nape musculature in these females atrophied and removing wrestling can cause asphyxiation. Myanmar does not use the meter. There are only 3 non-member states in the hemisphere - Myanmar, the United States and Liberia. In the fourth A. D. the Pyu established several town states as far as Prome (Pyay) and adopted Buddhism.

During the second half of the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries the Toungoo dynasty (1510-1752) united the land and for a short time established the biggest kingdom in the entirety of Southeast Asia. It has been in one of the longest and still unsolved conflicts since gaining sovereignty in 1948. From 1962 to 2010, the state was under the control of the army and has become one of the least advanced countries in the rest of the underworld.

It' regarded as inappropriate to loose one's composure or to show much emotions in the open, but the Myanmar is a very kind and open-minded population. Myanmar and other Buddhists adhere to the Buddha ist tradition of not contacting a human being on the top of the human mind, as this is regarded as the highest part of the bod.

At the age of ten to sixteen, most young men and some young girls become buddhistic novices and move to a cloister. Much of the writings within Burma's community have been and still are mainly focussed on the playwriting ("pwe") and the production of Buddhism writings.

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