Myanmar Facebook Photo

Burma Facebook Photo

Salahuddin, Ahmed/NurPhoto / Getty Images. And you can upload photos from your iPhone/iPad to Facebook. Facebook is the Internet in Myanmar. In Myanmar, many who have access to the Internet use Facebook as a news source.

Myanmar: Facebook brings 10 million Myanmar people into play

Facebook, the world's most famous networking site, has made several million new "friends" in Myanmar in recent years. There is a lot of personally identifiable information on the site, but people may not know much about Facebook's visibility in Myanmar because the site does not publish its Myanmar usage stats.

The Myanmar Times got to know the Myanmar Times better with information from the Yangon-based Amara Digital Marketing Agency, which the firm obtains from the CEO of Facebook. Myanmar had more than 9.7 million activists per month by mid-May - that is, about 19 per cent of the land are on Facebook, according to the Amara Digital Marketing Agency.

Three- or four-fold more Myanmar profile on the site, but some account are disabled or disabled, said the director of advertising campaign Ma Chan Myae Khine. In less than a year, the number of subscribers doubles, as the site had 4.7 million subscribers per month in mid-July 2015.

Almost nine out of ten people use Facebook from the two capitals Yangon and Mandalay and their surroundings. However, Ma Chan Myae Khine finds it difficult to tell Mandalay has outshone the nation's business leader, Yangon, when it comes to Facebook-using. Out of a population of 9.7 million per month, 41 are located within a 40 kilometre perimeter around Yangon, as opposed to 47 around the north town.

The number of men is almost two to one higher than the number of men on Facebook, as the figures show. More than 6.2 million men from Myanmar were present, but fewer than 3.5 million men had followed. The Myanmar Times has already indicated that in Myanmar, although they make up the largest part of the country's people, almost 30 per cent fewer chances of using a cell telephone than men.

Marekhan Myae Khine sees a connection between the increasing use of Facebook and the country's latest telecom roll-outs. It says that Facebook-user in Kayah state, for example, increases when an owner starts in a small city there. Máchan Myae Khine said Facebook can be hazardous to those who are lacking access to the Internet, especially in the countryside.

As Myanmar's e-commerce environment has not yet developed, some prospective business owners have turned to Facebook to help selling all sorts of things, even beef. Recently, the plattform made an even greater breakthrough into the Myanmar wireless network by partnering with MPT to offer free basics - free entry to a range of wireless websites related to healthcare, job opportunities and more.

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