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Ex-prisoners in Myanmar say they are still "treated like criminals" and need more support from the state to reintegrate into society. In the future, Myanmar must address the weaknesses of ex-ante resilience and ex-post adaptability. Myanmar: Smartphone sexual training arrives There is no such thing as MOSTURBATION in Myanmar - not the usual practise, but the term itself, which is missing in the state-recognized vocabulary. Linguistics do not agree whether "vagina" and "penis" are equivalent in Burmese. The majority of humans just point to their parts of the human organism or use a euphemism, says Nandar, a grassroots campaigner who translated female lit.

At a Burmese New Year celebration, Yangon prohibited the sales of contraception and Viagra in the hopes of reducing sexual outrage. "Vagina Monologues", a daring piece, was recently staged in the trading capitol Yangon. A few years ago, the simple English release of the V-word in a newspaper caused such a commotion that the newspaper apologized.

However, even if the Myanmar sex revolutionary did not reach Myanmar, the technology revolutionary did. Smart phones are altering the way Burmese people see their body. Last year, the trailers for "Violet of Myanmar", the country's first high-resolution film for adults, caused a hurricane when it was made available on the Internet. But on the positive side, they now have at least the undeniable evidence that there really is such a thing as mas-turbation.

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Myanmar has been almost inaccessible to travellers for many years. However, with a new political change that opens the land to the public, the kind inhabitants of the land welcome us with open arms. Here we are. There is ample opportunity to engage with these lovable individuals and explore their country's unbelievable heritage and nature.

From Bagan's Iconical Tempe Level we walk to the off-the-tourist-radar lime stone caverns of Pindaya and enjoy a unique approach and profound insights, which are only possible with decade-long local experiences and commute. "Aung has strengthened all our expertise. Myanmar was one of the best journeys I've ever made.

Every part of the journey was something new - every single part of the journey was like opening a crate and discovering something wonderful. Burma is the ideal place for Americans to travel: the locals were so inviting, the food was delicious and the accommodation was luxury, with first class services everywhere. On the way to Bagan we see the beautiful temple level with horse-drawn coach and hot-air baloon craftsmen in a near -by small-scale town.

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