Myanmar Express Visa

Burma Express Visa

Obtain Myanmar's visa approval letter within one day. Expedited service is more; registration form (in the office or directly on site). Visa, Master, American Express or JCB credit cards for payment. Hello everyone, I have read the threads about applying for visas in Bangkok and KL.

Anybody know if it's still possible to get an express visa on the same day?

You have two common ways to get a visa very quickly and securely on arrival:

You have two common ways to get a visa very quickly and securely on arrival: 2 days handling (working day): To get a quick visa, please get in touch with us and let us know that you need it very quickly. We work on weekends, but your visa will not be valid on weekends or holidays.

When travelling through Bangkok/Hanoi, you can also request a 2-day visa with our assistance at the Swiss Federal Missions. 1 working day: we can issue a very quick visa in one working afternoon if you file your request before 11.00 am (Myanmar time) with notice to our team.

There is a $20 supplement for this quick delivery of services. 4 hour visa (working day): an additional fee of $40 is charged if you wish to pick up your visa within 4h. It is important to remember that the request must also be made in the mornings or early afternoons in Myanmar.

If my trip takes place on a weekend or holiday, please note that NO requests can be handled on the weekend as Immigration is shut, so you may have to switch your trip to the following Monday. After you have provided the information on-line and payed the visa fees, we will e-mail you a verification to make sure your visa is valid.

Some simple footsteps to use RUSH MYANAMR VISA strong>3.

WHO IS MYANMAR VISA URELY SERVICE FOR? Will you be boarding in the next few days and have not yet requested a Myanrmar visa? If you are a customer who needs Myanrmarvisa (or e-Myanrmar I to be exact) in a really emergency like this, whether you are from America, the UK, Australia or nearer to Myanmar like China or Brunei, etc., please contact us,

Receive the Myanrmar Visa Express Shipment Services (RUSH MYANMAR VISA SERVICE), available Monday through Friday, when your Myanrmar visa application is processed within only 5 working hours: 5 working hour Express Service: plus $110/person Express Shipment in 1 working day: plus $90/person Express Shipment in 2 working days: plus $70/personKindly see following chart for more information on Myanrmar Visa Fees for express Shipment.

The good thing is that the Myanmar visa is 100% applied for on-line on your flight. - Put all of the above in one parcel with your residency card, then show it to the immigrant upon your arriving in Myanmar. - At the moment of your flight to one of Myanmar's international airports (Yangon, Mandalay, Naypyidaw), you must present the immigrant official with a visa, a visa permit document, 2 photographs, an emigration and travel permit and a stamp duty to stamp your visa.

Join us in Myanmar and have fun! Obviously, with our Rush Myanmar Visa Services it is no longer difficult to get a visa for Myanmar! So, welcome to Myanmar and request Myanmar Visa Express to see the differences!

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