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The Myanmar blogs fight prejudice with aesthetic campaigns This 19-year-old was the focus of a cosmetics line recently launched in Yangon, whose distinctive multicoloured make-up is balanced by a long-sleeved dress and a fitting hijab, a head scarf that a few Moslem females wear. Muslims, who make up about 5% of the population of about 50 million people, say that they have not been able to open new churches for years. They are struggling to lease homes from buddhistic lessors.

Muslims are increasingly being persecuted systematically in Myanmar, right-wing groups say, although global awareness has been concentrated on their stateless Rohingya Muslims, with the United Nations and relief agencies saying that more than 700,000 people were expelled to neighboring Bangladesh following a military strike last year. However, many Muslims of all ethnic groups were banned from some places of worship, Burma Human rights Network said last year in a review.

Some of Win Lae Phyu Sin's pupils not only apply eye shadow and highlighters in their videos, but also build trust and arrogance in an identities that is continually challenged by Buddhists. Myanmar's efforts to give the picture of Myanmar's Muslims a fresh, smart look by using classy clothing that matches her hijab, lavish mascaras and eye shadows in vibrant colors have attracted fans.

It has 6,000 supporters on the Facebook website and 600 pupils have taken more than 150 courses on the use of cosmetic products, which are held in a temporary workshop. However, her high image has caused critique and even discrimination: a buddhistic women who had signed up in her grade withdrew to discover Win Lae Phyu Sin was female Muslims.

She has travelled to Myanmar's second biggest town, Mandalay, and she is planning to travel to Kuala Lumpur, the capitol of neighbouring Malaysia, where her increasing glory, fueled by tens of on-line make-up teachings and center activities. win lae phyu sin began with make-up teachings recorded in a room she was sharing with her older sibling, and posted them on facebook before she offered courses.

However, the acquisition of specialist knowledge turned out to be too costly, and so Win Lae Phyu Sin came up with the concept of six-hour meetings, which were directed at normal "girls like me" and were less than $25. In one of the last meetings she talked about the type of skins before distributing make-up and eye shadow flasks to the pupils.

Who disgusts Win Lae Phyu Sin for being a Muslim and carrying a Hijab that shows the face is not deterred. "She cited some Facebook reviewers as a question.

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