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The Joyous Journey Myanmar Express Bus Services operates between Yangon, Mandalay, Taunggyi and Bagan. What two bus companies would you recommend? Myanmar's only acceptable bus company is JJ Express. Hwy express buses seem to be the best option for cheap travel within Myanmar. Burma Express Bus Ticket booking.

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Burma is a large south-east Asian nation where you need to spend long journeys to get to the most important sights. In spite of a rather backward structure, visitors can still comfortably fly back and forth between these places by express bus, rail or inland. When you' re on a limited budgets, express bus passes seem to be the best choice in comparison to others because they offer a comfortable timetable and amazingly comforts.

In contrast to the railways, the busses are privately run and run by individuals who serve most parts of Myanmar with the exception of some frontier and hilly areas such as Kyaing Tong and Putao. Myanmar's touristic busses are spacious and air-conditioned, making travelling with them comfy. A number of luxury overnight busses between Yangon-Mandalay, Yangon - Bagan, Yangon - Shwe Nyaung (Inle Lake) and Bagan - Shwe Nyaung (Inle Lake) are very comfortably equipped with deckchairs, good services and WC.

In order to admire the wonderful landscape and breath-taking landscape through the windows, you can reserve a bus that runs during the day. Conversely, with a express bus that will save you a stay in a luxury hotels and visitation. Bus stops are far from the city center in important cities such as Yangon, Mandalay and Bagan, so you will need to take a personal cab to get there.

Please call us at (95) 9776 777761, (95( 9776 777762, (95) 9776 777763 to make a reservation for your express bus ticket.

Top 5 worst bus rides in Burma (Myanmar)

Naturally, transport adventure is part of every traveller's repertory and is more interesting than a chic, smooth journey from A to B. Especially if your familiar bus terminal looks like this: The older Myanmar ladies on the bus bought sacks of orange and I quickly learnt that the smell of the skin during the hardest hairpins would help suppress my sickness.

The fact that we tourists complain about the busses does not really appeal to the local residents, who take them all the way with them if they have the moneys. Other than that, how else can you research a place and see how everything works if you don't go, as the local population - some of them at least - must.

The bus would stop for dinner and drinks like a clockwork every two hour and everyone was pushed off the bus every second. So, after our 2am stop, the bus driver took it upon himself to unite us again by bringing the Myanmar woman to my lefthand, just to be completely puzzled as I stretched out my hands to meet my new mate.

Although unpleasant, the trip was not terrible and in the end the dawn as I was approaching Mandalay made the icy, insomnia very rewarding night: I didn't have a nice bus trip with successive lessons of high decibels of decibels of South Korea skirt video, a couple of girls screaming at each other all the way, and a little kid belching in my face every 10 mins.

And to make things even more difficult, this was part 2 of my dramatic trip from Inle Lake to Kinpun (so I could go to the Golden Rock) and I already came out of a tired and drowsy sleepy road trip by means of highways. Most of the trip I spend breathing deeply and remembering Tars.

The long bus journey was part 1 of the journey from Lake Inle to Kinpun. The bus was ice-cold as always and offered a variety of entertainment: a uninterrupted band of pure southern corean music, dotted with Bruce Lee film. From Inle Lake to Yangon by overnight bus.

The use of the term "bus" urges me when it comes to my transport from Bagan to Inle Lake. It took 12 hrs, the atmosphere was full of airborne dirt and almost every minivan in Burma threw up profusely, even the furious elderly lady who sat about 15 cm from my face and stared at me angrily.

When the bus spit me out at the roadside in Nyaungshwe, I was clogged with dirt, perspiration and the remains of other people's throw-ups. I was trapped in a pick-up with far too many other drivers for 45 long mins.

On a lorry that would normally hold 15, we tamped 48 on the way up and then 50 on the way down, which included a group of 30 Nuns in shiny rose and oranges. They were beaten in the face by the long plait of the lady in front of me (maybe revenge for the knees on her ass?), the nuns screamed most of the way down the extreme precipices and we were tossed to the side of the lorry with every turn, although it would have been logical to full that we could be tossed somewhere else than outside.

This brief drive deserves my top position for the toughest bus trip in Burma. So how many guys can you shove in a lorry that goes right up a hill? Down the road: Constituents and more convents! 90% of the goddamn shouting for every jerk that was made.

Walking from the top pick-up to the Golden Rocks was no exception: Situated on the rim of the hill, the rocks glistened in the light of the day and the area was full of priests and sisters. Learn more about Burma, among them a photo essay about Yangon and the long and karaoke-filled cruise on the Ayeyarwaddy from Myitkyina to Mandalay.

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