Myanmar Express

The Myanmar Express

Burma, formerly known as Burma, has been unknown to the world for centuries. You have little time but want to see the sights of Myanmar? The Myanmar Express Tour covers most of the country's cultural highlights. Welcome to Mingalabar and Myanmar!

The Myanmar Tour - Myanmar Express

Enjoy the marvels of Myanmar, from the old Bagan holdfasts to the calm water of Inle Lake. Track the tracks of the Magi in Mandalay and discover Yangon's history. Visiting the Shwedagon Pagoda is the cherry on the cake of this express vacation. Visiting product-filled marketplaces, travelling through stalked towns and visiting icons to discover the cultural and beautiful Inle.

Discover the former imperial towns around Mandalay and hike through Yangon's city centre to see the remnants of the UK-Colonisation. We do, however, recognise that every journey should be as personal and personal as every traveller. We will be happy to answer your questions so that we can arrange a Myanmar trip according to your personal wishes.

Have a look at the trips below and see what other folks who liked this trip have seen! I like to discuss travelling.

The Myanmar Express

Arrive at Yangon International Yangon International Airports, pick up at the Yangon International Fair. It takes about 50 min. to get from the Aiport to thetel. On the same date we visited the former capitol Yangon and the biggest town and the most important trading centre of Myanmar. You' ll go back to the motel.

Free-of-charge to the transfers to the airport for internal flights to Nyaung U (Bagan City). Arrive at Bagan International Airports, you will be brought to Bagan Old Center by privatecar & cityguide. You' ll be surprised when you come to Bagan. With more than 2000 reddish brickwork stamps covering 41 km2 in the heart of Myanmar, Bagan is considered one of Asia's largest architectonic monuments.

You will be taken by your tour leader to the famous Shwezigon Pagoda, the prototypical model of the later Myanmar stupa, which King Anarahta erected in the early eleventh cen. Ongoing visits to Kyansittha U Min, Htilominlo Temple and Gubyaukgyi Temple, which has an excellent thirteenth cenotaph. You can also see the Manuha Temple, erected in 1059, and Nan Phaya, erected by Mon King Manuha in the eleventh cen.

You can then go to some paint and woodworking shops to find out more about how they produce locally. Return to your motel for refreshments. Savour the marvellous scenery of life on the sea while sailing. Once explored, a combined relaxation tour and drive brings you back to your accommodation.

It is a nice area and the sanctuaries here are often totally abandoned. You will be guided through the most famous monasteries of Bagan. While Minnanthu is probably the most popular of Bagan-goers, whenever you see a place you like, just ask your tour leader to take a look - just choose your own one.

After returning to the guesthouse your travel leader will meet you at 4 pm. Arrival at 00 o'clock: Continuation by horse-drawn carriage to the Pyathagyi pit for sundown. It is described in many of our textbooks that the Shan has the most interesting and richest cultur. Start with a trip to the Buddha Museum, located in the former Haw (Palace) of the last Shan Princess of Nyaung Shwe, Mr. Sao Shwe Thaike.

Here you can savour a shot luncheon before our trip to the village fair, using traditionally produced shot wool and traditionally made shot clothes, making this a very colourful spectacle. Visiting the old Shwe Yan Pyay Teachers' Abbey with its old bold window gives you the chance to take great photos.

You' ll be driven through small channels and swimming yards in a small wood vessel to see more of the Shan lifestyle from the waters. Finish the trip with a stop and taste the award-winning Red Mountain Winerys. In the south of Shan State, Inle is a huge nature pond encircled by ancient Shan communities and certainly deserving of a stop.

Take a motor boat around the lakeside to explore its unspoilt beauties, explore the swimming pools, see some of the famed rowing boats and have a nice glass of coffee at a nearby farm. In and around the lakeside there are 5-day rotation of traditionally organized fairs in various towns.

You' ll be visiting one of these colourful fairs visited by Shan and PaO folk. Surely you will also be visiting a Burma's own Cheeroot plant (where Burma is made), Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda, Intha Heritage Home - where Burma's kittens are raised, a Weaver' Mill and swimming orchards if desired.

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