Myanmar Exhibition 2017

Burma Exhibition 2017

Calendar of 25 exhibitions from September 2018 in Myanmar sorted by date of issue. It is Myanmar's best platform to connect with the country's fast growing infrastructure industries. The Myanmar Fair, Exhibition and Conference Calendar for September & October 2017. Myanmar 2017 Sports and Leisure Expo, a well-known event for sports and leisure brands. AGRI MYANMAR 2017 is an important trade promotion event in Southeast Asia.

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ELECTRIC MYANMAR 2018 highlights:

Construction, Energy & Mining Myanmar

Construction, Power & Mining Myanmar will take place from October 11-13, 2018 at the all-new Yangon Convention Centre (YCC), Yangon, Myanmar. Construction, Power & Mining Myanmar 2018 is the 3-in-1 sector meeting for construction, electrical energy and renewable energies as well as mining and mineral extraction.

It' really the No. 1 and the biggest sector events of its kind in Myanmar. It is Myanmar?s best plattform to link up with the country?s fast growing infrastructural sectors. Myanmar has a demonstrated track records of supplying the highest performing purchasers in terms of value and volume, the biggest number and choice of global vendors and the best presentation of the latest technologies and innovation.

Myanmar's need to expand its energy and infrastructural assets is crucial to its continued economic wellbeing. Construction, energy and mines are three of the most important areas of capital expenditure that require enormous modernisation and extension. Burma has already made headway with both governments and industry initiatives that have all contributed to the country's swift modernisation and entry into a new period of economic and social upturn.

Myanmar's economic development will benefit from the growth of the country's industrial base and will continue to do so.

Myanmar's economic development will benefit from the growth of the industrial base and will continue to do so. Southeast Asia's biggest nation, with 18 million workers, employs about 70% of the world' s populations in cattle, animal feed and agriculture. Stockbreeding and fisheries account for 3.4% of Myanmar's gross domestic product, while the consumer goods and services sectors account for 98% of Myanmar's stockbreed.

Myanmar, which emerges from the deepest layers of insulation after decade-long reign of the regime, is opening its door to the outside worlds, fuelled by the industry sector's accelerating power. Myanmar's GNP was projected by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) at 6.7%, an increase of 5.9% over the previous year as a consequence of the recovery in the buoyant agricultural sect.

With a growing need for a greater diversity of protein, which includes meats and Eggs, the animal, food and agricultural industries play a key part as the economic spine of Myanmar. In view of the huge and plentiful reserves with an outstanding position in the markets, the country has a high level of economic expansion and investment that would significantly boost its manufacturing capacity in this area and in agricultural chemicals.

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